‘Golden Bachelor’ Susan Noles Pursued Kelsey Anderson’s Dad

Susan Noles and Mark Anderson via YOuTube

Golden Bachelor alum Susan Noles dropped a bombshell on her podcast with Kathy Swarts. She revealed that she tried to pursue Kelsey Anderson’s dad. Mark Andreson has been a hot commodity since he appeared on Kelsey’s hometown date with Joey Graziadei. Women everywhere are begging ABC to make him the next Golden Bachelor. However, it seems Susan took a shot at him first. What happened? Keep reading to find out more.

Susan Noles Tried To Date Mark Anderson

Golden Bachelor fan favorite and Kris Jenner lookalike Susan Noles shared on Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour that she tried to date Kelsey Anderson’s dad. Kathy Swarts and Susan Noles were chatting with Kelsey when she dropped this bombshell. Kathy said, “When we met him at your finale, of course, Susan elbowed her way in to see if she could maybe date the guy.”

Susan spoke up and said, “We were emailing long before that.” Kathy noted that he is a super nice guy while Susan also gushed he’s a great guy.

Kathy joked around that she would have to try and date him since everyone thinks he’s so great. Susan told her he was only 57, and Kathy was 71. Kathy smirked back that she could date younger guys.

Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts - Instagram
Instagram/Susan Noles

While things didn’t work out between Susan and Mark, many including Kelsey are hoping he finds someone to share his life with.

Many are speculating that Mark Anderson could be making an appearance on Joan Vassos’s season of The Golden Bachelorette. 

What Does Kelsey Think About Her Dad Possibly Find Love On TV?

Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts asked Kelsey Anderson how she would feel if her dad Mark found love on television like she did. She would fully support the idea and so would her siblings. However, it took them a little while longer to get on board with their dad moving on and dating again.

Kelsey said, “I want my dad to get out there. I want my dad to date. I think that my mom really would want him to. My mom before she passed always said like, ‘I want you to find somebody else. I want you to find another love.’ Before she even was sick she would always say this. She just knew that she was going to pass before him.”

Susan Noles and Mark Anderson/Credit: Reddit
Susan Noles and Mark Anderson/Credit: Reddit

Overall they just want their dad to be happy. They realize he needs someone to be his best friend and his travel buddy. Kelsey said, “We just want him to be happy and find a best friend like how he was with my mom as well.”

What do you think of Susan shooting her shot with Mark Anderson? Do you think he will be on the upcoming season of The Golden Bachelorette?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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