Savannah Chrisley Breaks Silence On Mom, Julie’s Overturned Sentence

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Savannah Chrisley has opened up about Julie Chrisley’s overturned sentence. Despite the setback she and Todd Chrisley saw in court last week, Savannah seems to think that her mom and dad still have a chance at getting their sentences overturned. Keep reading to see what she had to say about it.

Court Vacates Julie Chrisley’s Sentence

Todd was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison, while Julie was sentenced to seven years. They were also ordered to pay $17.2 million in restitution.

A jury found the Chrisley Knows Best stars guilty of submitting fake documents to the bank to receive more than $30 million in loans. Peter Tarantino, Chrisley’s accountant, is also serving time for his role in the crimes.

Both Tarantino and the Chrisleys filed an appeal for their sentences almost immediately. Julie Chrisley said that the prosecutors on the case didn’t present enough evidence to back up the claims they were making. They also accused the judge of permitting the jury to see certain evidence that shouldn’t have been shown during the trial.

Last week, Todd and Julie Chrisley brought their case to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. While the court upheld the convictions for the two reality TV stars, they decided to vacate Julie’s sentence to allow her to be resentenced.

The alleged bank fraud and tax evasion scheme that landed the couple in prison started in 2006 and the court found that there is no evidence that Julie Chrisley played a role in any of it until 2007. Considering she didn’t participate in the scheme the entire time with her husband, the court agreed that she should be resentenced.

“We’re pleased that the Court agreed that Julie’s sentence was improper, but we’re obviously disappointed that it rejected Todd’s appeal,” Alex Little said of the court’s decision. Little is an attorney for Todd and Julie.

He continued, “With this step behind us, we can now challenge the couple’s convictions based on the illegal search that started the case. The family appreciates the continued support they’ve received throughout this process. And they’re hopeful for more good news in the future.”

Kyle & Savannah Chrisley Speak About The Appeals Case

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s children have opened up about the court’s latest decision as well.

Kyle Chrisley, Todd’s estranged son, spoke with In Touch Weekly about his dad’s sentence. He said, “I’m happy for Julie but you know it’s really unfortunate that the court found the previous ruling on everything else valid. I’m hoping the next step for my dad is the Supreme Court of Appeals.”

Todd and Julie Chrisley - YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best
YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best

The couple’s daughter Savannah Chrisley also spoke out about the appeals case. “Didn’t necessarily go as we hoped. But we do have a little win,” she said.

“What [the ruling] means is that the appeals court could not find any evidence that attributed this $17 million loss amount to my mother. And for that, I am grateful and I hope and pray that the judge can send her home,” she shared with her followers in a video on Instagram.

Savannah Chrisley also mentioned that she has a few other things in mind when it comes to her dad’s case and what can be done to help him.

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