Todd Chrisley Did Not Put Homes In His Name, Why?

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The financial standing of Todd Chrisley continues to be a mystery to many people. In a recent thread on Reddit, one person dove into how none of the Chrisley homes are actually in Todd’s name. Why could that be? Keep reading and see what you think.

The Buying & Selling Of The Chrisley’s Properties

A person on Reddit broke down the houses that are still in Savannah Chrisley’s name as well as the homes she has sold.

Savannah first bought the Franklin house in October 2016. She reportedly put $250,000 down on the $681,800 house. In April 2024, she sold the house for $1.25 million. After paying capital gains taxes, the Chrisley Knows Best star made about $700,000 profit.

The next house purchased by the Chrisleys was by Julie in April 2019. It was a big, white house on Exton Lane. When she bought it, Julie put $1.2 million down, which left a mortgage of $2,145,000 on the $3.37 million home. They made the decision to sell the house after they started their prison sentence. She did this through Savannah as her Power of Attorney. In April 2023, the Exton Lane house sold for $5.2 million.

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It should be noted that the Exton Lane house had a $17 million restitution lien on it. The Reddit user suggested that the profits from the sale might have gone to the government to satisfy the lien.

Another home that belongs to the Chrisley family is the Worchester house. Savannah purchased it in July 2021 for $2.45 million with a down payment of $600K. That leaves a mortgage of about $1,837,500. It is believed that her brother Chase Chrisley likely lives there now.

Why Wasn’t Todd Chrisley Listed On Any Of The Homes?

Then, there is the house that Savannah, Chloe, and Grayson live in currently. It is on Lynwood Blvd. Julie Chrisley bought the home in December 2016 for $1.6 million with a $220K down payment. In 2020, Julie gave the house to Savannah via an Interfamily transfer.

Apparently, Savannah then placed the house in a trust called the Getha Trust. There isn’t any information about whether or not there is a mortgage on this home, but the Reddit user assumes that their main residence is likely paid off.

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The bigger question here is why were none of the properties in Todd’s name. After all, he was the patriarch of the family. You’d think at least one, if not all, of the homes would be in his name.

Ultimately, the Reddit user hypothesized that Todd Chrisley never had any properties listed in his name for several reasons. He had personal and business bankruptcies in the past, which could be one reason. Another possibility is that Todd allegedly knew that the government would eventually come looking for him to pay his back taxes. Due to this, he didn’t want to have anything in his name to seize.

What do you think? Did Todd Chrisley keep everything out of his name for a reason? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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