‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Still Hasn’t Spoken To Runaway Fiance

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has still not had any contact with her runaway fiance, Gary Wyat. The last time the couple spoke they had a fight and Gary walked out, disappearing for several days before being located. Even though his whereabouts are known, Amber still hasn’t spoken to him. What does the future look like for this couple? Keep reading to find out.

Amber Portwood Hasn’t Spoken To Gary Wyat

An insider close to Amber Portwood spoke with The U.S. Sun about what has been going on with the Teen Mom star since her fiance went missing. The insider says that Amber has not spoken to Gary since the incident.

“Amber has not spoken to him and she isn’t reaching out to him,” the person revealed. “She hasn’t really reached out to anyone since he was found. She is pretty hurt by the whole situation and still in disbelief.”

Amber Portwood-YouTube
Amber Portwood-YouTube

They were in North Carolina for Amber’s brother’s wedding and decided to stay in the area for a long weekend, renting a cabin in a remote location. It was previously reported that the couple got into an argument during their trip to NC. The disagreement led Gary Wyat to storm out of their cabin rental and drive away. He wasn’t seen for several days.

On the day of the incident, Sunday, Jun 9, sources said that the couple seemed to be happy. In fact, Amber Portwood even bought Gary his own engagement ring that day. They shared the news of their engagement with their families, which seemed to be where the fighting started.

Gary’s Family Isn’t Supportive Of Their Union

Apparently, Gary’s family was not excited about the idea of their son marrying Amber. They pointed out cultural differences and also cited Amber’s past as reasons for being hesitant to support their union.

It is well known that Amber Portwood’s life has been documented on MTV’s Teen Mom for more than a decade. There is no doubt that the cameras have seen Amber at some of her worst moments, and Gary’s family wasn’t sure about their son marrying someone who they’ve seen in the spotlight in this way. Not to mention, Amber spent 18 months in prison for domestic battery. She’s not necessarily someone you’d love to see your son bringing home.

Amber Portwood/Credit: YouTube
Amber Portwood/Credit: YouTube

Amber and Gary planned to talk to his family after the wedding weekend, but that never wound up happening because Gary went missing in action.

Right now, the future of their relationship isn’t clear. It isn’t known if Amber expects to receive the engagement ring that she gave Gary back. In fact, it isn’t even known if the couple is officially broken up at this point because they haven’t spoken.

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