‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Engagement To Gary Wayt OVER?

Amber Portwood-YouTube

Is Teen Mom star Amber Portwood’s engagement to Gary Wayt already over? The two just announced he had popped the question and then he went missing. Now that he has been found, is their relationship completely done? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Amber Portwood Engagement To Gary Wayt OVER?

In the second episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Amber Portwood introduced her new boyfriend, Gary Wayt. She was so excited to show him off to her daughter, Leah but she was disinterested. So much so that Amber called her a “d*ck” for her lack of caring. Yet, it was Leah’s fifteenth birthday, her mother was late, and she just wanted to have a nice night. Then, within days of that episode airing, it was revealed Amber and Gary were engaged. The duo barely had a chance to celebrate before Gary was reported missing in North Carolina as they were there for a family event.

Amber Portwood/YouTube
Amber Portwood-YouTube

Amber maintained she had nothing to do with it and said that they did not get into a fight, that they never fought. However, she did say that they had a disagreement because his family is Vietnamese and she is not. So, that was a big issue. He took off in a Nissan Rogue and was eventually found. Now, it has come out that the couple, who became official at the beginning of 2024, are officially over. According to @teenmomfanz, they have called it quits already.


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They apparently dated for eight months and have now allegedly parted ways. Neither have said anything just yet but Amber Portwood did not post anything about Gary when he was missing on her social media. So, she will probably lay low on this one. Were any followers shocked by this?

  • now you see why leah didn’t give a d*mn to hear about her “new man” at her birthday dinner lmaoo she knew
  • like we didnt see this coming after him going missing
  • does she know yet

Making Jokes

After Gary Wayt took off in North Carolina and left Amber Portwood to worry, fans and followers could not help but joke about the situation. When the Teen Mom star spoke out, she said they had the perfect relationship and never fought. So, something serious must have happened for them not to put the engagement on hold and completely call off their entire relationship. Time will tell if Amber will share the details as to what led to the end of their relationship if this is in fact true.

Are you shocked by this revelation or did you see it coming from a mile away? Let us know and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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