‘Pop Culture Jeopardy!’ Might Have Found Its Host

Katie Nolan on Celebrity Jeopardy! | YouTube

Pop Culture Jeopardy! is coming to Prime Video and will offer fans something different from the regular game show. Instead of questions seeped in history, literature, wars, and politics, it will be all about pop culture topics like music, movies, and trending topics. This also means it needs a very different host.

There are now rumors that the show has targeted someone and is in discussions with them to host Pop Culture Jeopardy!

Who Will Be The Pop Culture Jeopardy! Host?

Many names have been mentioned as the perfect host for a Jeopardy show based on pop culture topics. Levar Burton remains at the top of many fans’ lists. There are other names being mentioned as well. One of those names has hinted that she might be in discussions with the franchise about joining as the host. What really stood out was what she didn’t say.

Katie Nolan on Celebrity Jeopardy! | YouTube
Katie Nolan on Celebrity Jeopardy! | YouTube

Katie Nolan, a former ESPN host, podcaster, and the runner-up on Celebrity Jeopardy! 2023, might be in talks to host the pop culture spinoff on Prime Video. Katie was on the What is… A Jeopardy! Podcast on Tuesday and the question about the new hosting gig came up.

When Emily Heller said there was speculation that Katie could be the new potential host for the spinoff series, she asked if she could respond to the rumors. “I can’t,” Katie said. “But I will say that I would love that, and that would be something I’d be interested in having a conversation about. Whether or not I’ve had the conversation, I will just say I can’t respond.”

Katie also said it was an honor to be mentioned at all. Also, when someone mentioned her name in the Jeopardy! subreddit, she thought it was “sick.” She then said, “We’ll just wait and see.”

Why Katie Nolan Could Be New Pop Culture Jeopardy! Host

The reason why this interview is so interesting for Pop Culture Jeopardy! is because she said she “can’t” respond to the rumors. If she wasn’t talking about the hosting role, she could say she wasn’t. She could say she didn’t know anything about it. Instead, she said she couldn’t respond to the rumors, which indicates she has been in talks.

Fans already thought it might be Katie Nolan because of something she did when the news broke that Pop Culture Jeopardy! was looking for players. Katie Nolan was runner-up on Celebrity Jeopardy! last year, and she re-tweeted the casting call for the new show. Much like Ken Jennings, she has gaming experience, and she also has experience as a TV host.

Do you want to see Katie Nolan hosting Pop Culture Jeopardy! when it hits Prime Video? Is there someone else you might prefer to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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