Kyle Cooke Was Seen Making Out With Another Woman?

Kyle Cooke

Kyle Cooke has been seen making out with another woman in Charleston. However, he denies even being at the bar he was at. Kyle Cooke is married to Amanda Batula. Fans have seen the struggles they have faced in their marriage on Summer House. However, it seems their marriage could be struggling more than what was shown as he is making out with random women.

Their Marriage Struggles

Kyle and Amanda have been struggling in their marriage. Kyle is the CEO and founder of Loverboy. They offer non-alcoholic drinks and seltzers. His wife, Amanda, quit her job to work for the company full-time. However, she is not in love with the company like Kyle is. She expressed that she wanted to venture out and try something on her own. Kyle was not supportive of that. He expressed how he felt lonely in the marriage and much more. That was only the surface of their issues and much more happened.

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Kyle Cooke Cheated On Amanda Batula

Kyle has cheated on his wife. He was seen making out with another woman. 

“This video and DM came into my inbox last week. It appears Kyle was getting cozy with someone in Charleston the night before a Loverboy event. The video was taken at 12:47 am Friday night/Saturday morning, in a nutshell they were seen making out in a dark corner and the next day Kyle acted like he wasn’t at the bar. The person seeing him make out and leave with her in addition to the denial of being there the next day were the biggest red flags for me,”

It was then revealed that Kyle was extremely drunk. This does not surprise anyone. Viewers have seen Kyle come in at all hours of the night after getting drunk and having a night out. Fans are sad for Amanda and hope that she knows her worth. Are you shocked that this all happened with Kyle?

Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke-Instagram
Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke-Instagram

It seems that Kyle was certainly there and making out with a woman who was not his wife. Fans are dying to know if Amanda has found out. If she has, will this be the end of their marriage? They continued to have marriage problems during the season. Amanda wanted to start a new journey, but Kyle was not supportive. What do you think about Kyle making out with another woman? Are you shocked? Sound off in the comments below.

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