Kyle Cooke Reveals He Will Get Rid Of His Mullet For Reunion

Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke-Instagram

Kyle Cooke recently revealed that he is going to be getting rid of his mullet for the reunion episode of Summer House. Fans are ecstatic that he is cutting his locks and cannot wait to see him with short hair again. He is married to Amanda and the two seem to be bickering a lot on this season. However, they have been married for a while and maybe they are just going through a rough time.

Kyle Cooke Marries Amanda

Kyle Cooke married Amanda in 2021. This was after a three-year engagement. Carl Radke was Kyle’s best man and officiated the wedding. However, when Carl was assigning people for his wedding, Kyle got a big demotion. He was assigned to be a flower boy. This was because his fiancé Lindsay Hubbard did not want him in the wedding due to his actions the previous year. However, it did not end up mattering because Carl called off the wedding. Now Amanda and Kyle are working through their issues and viewers can see all the drama unfold in the current season.

Summer House: Kyle Cooke - Amanda
Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula-Twitter

Fans Ecstatic He Is Cutting His Mullet

Kyle Cooke revealed he is going to cut off his mullet. Fans quickly gave their thoughts. 

  • “Thank God, when I was rewatching Summer House and it got to the wedding, I thought that was the best he ever looked! The mullet made him greasy”
  • “Thank god, Kyle is holding on to that mullet like he is his youth. JFC”
  • “About time it’s awful.”
  • “My eyes are so ready”
  • “thank god for amanda.”

This is going to be for the reunion episode of the show. He did not reveal if he was going to keep it cut or if he was going to grow it back out after the reunion. It is also unknown if his wife, Amanda, is fond of the mullet or if she hates it. 

Kyle Cooke-YouTube
Kyle Cooke-YouTube

It seems that fans want his wife to be able to cut his hair for him. His short hair was one of his best looks yet and he is going back to it. However, viewers are curious if he is going to grow it back out or if this is the end of his mullet era. Amanda and Kyle are not ready for children and who knows if they will ever be. How do you think their relationship is going? Do you like Kyle’s mullet? Sound off in the comments below.

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