‘7 Little Johnstons’ Does Amber Hate Average Size People?

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston

7 Little Johnstons fans have noticed some not-so-subtle shade from Amber over the years when the subject of average-size people comes up. Does Amber hate these people? More than a few clues certainly point to this.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston Wants Her Kids To Date Other Little People

One of the first signs many 7 Little Johnstons fans point to is the fact that Amber Johnston encourages her children to date other little people. As viewers have seen, this hasn’t been the case with Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden.

Based on the most recent updates making the rounds, it looks like even Anna Johnston found herself an average-size boyfriend. However, that hasn’t stopped Amber Johnston from being pro-little people when it comes to who she thinks her children should date.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston/YouTube

TLC Mom Visibly Upset When She Found Out Leighton Bolden Would Be ‘Tall’

In more recent 7 Little Johnstons scenes, viewers noted that Amber looked visibly upset when Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden revealed that baby Leighton Bolden would be “tall.” Amber Johnston even told TLC cameras that she was hoping for a little person.

Trent Johnston and Amber Johnston didn’t hide the fact that they wouldn’t know what to do with a “tall” granddaughter, and that it would be a difficult adjustment for them to make.

As 7 Little Johnstons fans have seen with current social media updates of baby Leighton, everyone seems to have adjusted just fine to having a new, average-size family member. Even so, when it comes to Amber’s attitude toward average-size people, many viewers detect some not-so-subtle disdain, perhaps even hate, from Amber.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston - Trent Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston – Trent Johnston/Instagram

7 Little Johnstons: Fans Think Amber Johnston Hates Average-Size People

Based on everything 7 Little Johnstons fans have seen over the years, many TLC fans are convinced that Amber isn’t just pro-little people, but, that she actively despises average-size folk. Fans had a lot to say about this recently, and many didn’t hold back.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston/YouTube
  • One 7 Little Johnstons fan said: “It’s all about Amber don’t ya know?”
  • Another TLC fan chimed in, saying: “The Trent and amber convo as their were arranging the nursery left a bad taste in my mouth too. It was almost like the idea of possibly having a non LP was gonna be the worst and it would be a disaster to them and so on.”
  • A third commenter said: “Imagine Bryce (or any avg size person) saying that about avg size babies. Smh. Amber is awful.”
  • Another person said: “I think Amber has a huge chip on her shoulder. I think she’s insecure about being an LP and she’s overcompensating.”
  • Piling on, another viewer said: “Amber preaches a superiority complex and Liz has bought into it hook, line and sinker.”

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