Dr. Michael Mosley Autopsy Reveals Sad News About Death

Dr Michael Mosley | YouTube

The world is mourning the death of television doctor Dr. Michael Mosley. The death happened on the Greek island of Symi where Mosley and his wife were at their holiday home. However, with the autopsy coming back, there was one tragic notation that could have saved his life.

Here is a look at what happened to Mosley and how he was very close to a location that could have saved his life.

Dr. Michael Mosley Died A Few Yards From Safety

At 1:30 p.m., Dr. Michael Mosley set out for a walk on a beach in Symi. He waved goodbye to his wife and set out for his excursion. He didn’t have his mobile phone with him and was only expected to be gone for 20 minutes. From what it looks like, he took a wrong turn and got lost (via BBC).

Dr Michael Mosley | YouTube
Dr Michael Mosley | YouTube

This put him on a rocky two-mile trail towards Agia Marina, where people could only go on foot or by water taxi. It took four days to find his body, and it appears he died the same day he set out for his walk. His body was found away from the designated walking path, which was lined by barbed wire.

His backpack was 20 feet up the hill. What was tragic was that he was only a few feet away from a beach bar at the Agia Marina. He was on the other side of a fence and likely didn’t see the bar. Police say it looks like he sat down to rest, not knowing how much further he was from safety, and there he died.

It was close to 104 degrees on the day that he died.

Dr. Michael Mosley Cause Of Death

The autopsy reveals there was no reason for his death from outside causes. He had no injuries that could have caused his death. According to the autopsy, Michael, 67, likely sat down to rest and then lost consciousness and died.

Dr Michael Mosley | YouTube
Dr Michael Mosley | YouTube

His wife, Dr. Bailey Mosley, alerted authorities that Michael was missing on Wednesday evening. A team of 100 people started looking around the area between the beach and Pedi. After this, divers and dogs were sent to comb the area. Additionally, a helicopter joined the search on Saturday. Finally, on Sunday, the police found his body.

Dr. Michael Mosley studied medicine in London and was a doctor, presenter, documentary maker, journalist, and author. Fans got to know him for his medical TV series, Trust Me, I’m a Doctor. He also had a podcast calledĀ Just One Thing and wrote a daily column for theĀ Daily Mail.

Please help send out your best wishes and condolences to Dr. Michael Mosley’s friends and family during this tragic event.

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