‘Bachelor’ Alum Lauren Bushnell Lane Ready For Third Baby?

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Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell Lane gained popularity during her time on the show with Ben Higgins. Following their split, she met and fell in love with country singer Chris Lane. The two got married in October 2019 and in 2021 welcomed baby number one. In October 2022 they welcomed their second son. Now, everyone is wondering if these two are ready to try for baby number three. Keep reading to find out more.

Is Lauren Bushnell Lane Ready For Another Baby?

Lauren Bushnell Lane and her husband Chris Lane have two adorable little boys together. The two boys named Dutton and Baker are both toddlers but the couple is teasing that there may be a third baby on the way sooner rather than later.

Someone asked the couple if they were ready for another little one and Chris shared a piece of his song and said, “I’m sending her signals through songs I write, but she hasn’t gotten the hint yet.”

Lauren replied to her husband by saying, “Excuse me sir, I’m ready when you are!”

It sounds like she and Chris may be on the verge of trying to grow their family. If they do will they finally get a girl? Time will tell if these two really do take the plunge and have another baby.

A man and a woman each holding a child
Chris and Lauren Bushnell Lane with their two kids

A Recent Post Got Ben Higgins Attention

Earlier in May, Chris Lane posted about how he met Lauren Bushnell Lane. The two met while she was actually engaged to Ben. In the photo Chris shared on social media, he was standing next to Lauren.

Later, Ben joked saying, “I had big big plans for the two of you. Life works out exactly as it should my man. But I knew I shouldn’t have let you two stand next to each other in the photo.”

Since then, Ben has also moved on and found love with his now-wife Jessica Clarke.

Chris also said, “Four years after meeting / this photo we were dating and then engaged. Yesterday, eight years later I played the festival for my second time and we got to reminisce on that night and I got to personally thank Tom for that introduction on April 30, 2016.”


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These two were meant to be. What do you think about Lauren and Chris and their potentially growing family? Will she be pregnant again soon? Will Ben and Jessica have a baby soon?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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