‘Baby Reindeer’ Whatever Happened To The Real Martha?

Jessica Gunning as Martha in Netflix's Baby Reindeer, sourced from YouTube

Netflix’s drama series Baby Reindeer hooked viewers from the first episode. Before the series begins, the show informs viewers that the series is based on real events.

Creator Richard Gadd based the series on his 2019 one-man show, Baby Reindeer. Later, Netflix picked it up and adapted it into the drama series fans are familiar with today.

But whatever happened to the real Martha from the show?

Baby Reindeer Creator Acknowledged Martha Was Loosely Based On A Real Woman

Although Baby Reindeer was inspired by true events, creator Richard Gadd always maintained that he took creative elements for the sake of storytelling.

“It’s very emotionally true, obviously: I was severely stalked and severely abused. But we wanted it to exist in the sphere of art, as well as protect the people it’s based on,” Gadd shared with The Guardian.

While the series definitely resonated with viewers, some of those creative liberties enraged others. In particular, the real-life Martha.

Fiona Harvey from Piers Morgan: Uncensored on YouTube
Piers Morgan: Uncensored/YouTube

After Baby Reindeer exploded online, the fans began to look for the real Martha. Netflix used real social media posts she made, so it wasn’t very hard for viewers to connect the dots. The real woman’s name is Fiona Harvey. She later decided to sit down with Piers Morgan to tell her side of the story. 

Throughout the interview, Harvey firmly maintained that she never saw the series, but wasn’t at all pleased with the way it told the story. She watched in disapproval as Piers Morgan shared clips from Baby Reindeer with Jessica Gunning as Martha.

Fiona Harvey from Piers Morgan: Uncensored on YouTube, watching Jessica Gunning as Martha in Netflix's Baby Reindeer
Piers Morgan: Uncensored/YouTube

Harvey asserted that she was nothing like Jessica Gunning’s portrayal and found it all very offensive.

Catch the Piers Morgan interview here:

Fiona Harvey Sues Netflix For Her Portrayal

Richard Gadd told GQ that, “We’ve gone to such great lengths to disguise her to the point that I don’t think she would recognize herself,” he said. “What’s been borrowed is an emotional truth, not a fact-by-fact profile of someone.”

But according to Fiona Harvey, it was incredibly easy for the world to find her. She alleges that she received hate mail from all over the world and her reputation has been completely shattered. As a result, she’s filing a $170 million lawsuit against Netflix. 

“We intend to defend this matter vigorously and to stand by Richard Gadd’s right to tell his story,” a representative from the streaming platform later told TMZ.

The lawsuit has yet to play out. The internet seems to have a wide array of opinions about the case. But many believe that Fiona Harvey’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s show was very Martha-esque.

How did you feel when you learned Fiona Harvey was the inspiration for Martha? What did you think about her interview with Piers Morgan? Share your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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