Ciara Miller Confirms She And West Wilson Are Over

Ciara Miller and West Wilson

Summer House star, Ciara Miller, has confirmed that she and West Wilson are over. It does not seem like it was a happy and mutual decision as she claims she “got got”. Fans were shocked to hear what happened between the two. However, fans love Ciara and want the best for her. If that is not West, then so be it. Keep reading to find out more about their breakup.

Ciara Miller And West Wilson

Ciara Miller and West Wilson had a long fling over the summer. Fans got to watch the two of them immediately hit it off. However, Ciara was not open to having sex with West right off the bat. Fans had seen them go to his parents’ house. They were hanging out a lot during the summer. However, it continued into the winter months. This did not last much longer. On the reunion episode, Ciara did admit the two of them ended up sleeping with each other. Fans were rooting for the two at the beginning of the show. However, it did not last much longer.

West Wilson And Ciara Miller
West Wilson And Ciara Miller

They Called It Quits

West Wilson admitted at the reunion episode that he had slept with other people over the summer. He also admitted that he could not commit to Ciara.

“I love a funny guy. We’ve all seen that, I don’t know, I got got, I think, a little bit.”

West went on to try and clear the situation.

“I’ve done a couple watch parties where people f—ing show up and do whatever. That’s pictures and its, the Bravo fanbase is all women, there’s these random things that I’ve never experienced before. Not temptation, just, is that a s—ty look then to go these watch parties with women?”

The other women went on to say they thought West was using the show as his excuse to leave Ciara. It seems like he may have just wanted to date and sleep with other people.


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Fans were shocked to hear about the tea at the Summer House reunion. However, Ciara did not seem to let this tamper with her confidence. Fans are excited to watch Ciara on Season 3 of The Traitors and see how she does. The reunion episode was a juicy one and fans were in shock the entire time. Especially when West admitted that he was sleeping with other people. What did you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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