’90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise’ Madelein Perez Cheated On Luke

Luke's Girl Madelein Perez - 90 Day Fiance - ET YouTube

Madelein Perez and Luke Berry appear in 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise, and his friend, Brian accused her of cheating. Season 4 fans think the TLC star from Colombia, who is younger than Luke by 11 years, might just be trying to use him. Read on to find out more.

Madelein Perez Is Much Younger & Seems Aggressive

Luke Berry has some money problems, so arguments about her luxurious lifestyle choices do happen. The beauty salon owner is still a teenager, so 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise fans give Luke a hard time about that. Additionally, he dated her for over two years, so she was still a minor when they first met.

Madelein Perez, Luke Berry - 90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise - TLC
Madelein Perez, Luke Berry – 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise – TLC

Madelein Perez is only 19, and already the TLC star seems controlling and argumentative. In fact, some fans accused her of possibly being abusive. That came when Luke Berry flinched during an argument in the car. This aggression also came to light when Luke’s friend, Brian told the couple that he suspected her of cheating on Luke.

Luke Berry’s Friend Heard A Cheating Story

In a teaser for 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise carried by ET on YouTube, Brian talked about how he had been told that the Colombian girl was “naked in bed” with another man. As he revealed the story, she angrily denied it at first. However, she finally admitted that she had thrown “a party.” Additionally, she agreed she was in the bed.

Luke Berry's Friend Brian - 90 Day Fiance Love in Paradise - TLC Via ET YouTube
Luke Berry’s Friend Brian – 90 Day Fiance Love in Paradise – TLC Via ET YouTube

Luke angrily demanded to know if Madelein Perez had been in the bed with no clothing on. That also got a denial. But, he sounded angry with her. In his confessional, cussing, he said that he felt like he should “fly back” stateside and “figure it out.”

In the comments on YouTube, 90 Day Fiance viewers agreed that she seemed likely to cheat. Here are some of their opinions.

  • She can’t be trusted, you see this after 2 minutes of watching her.
  • She’s guilty her response was i was not naked.
  • Of course she cheated on you she’s young and rebellious free.
  • Totally not surprise if she cheated. She’s 18, partying drunk so what could have happened.
  • Well whatever plans Madeline had looks like Luke friend threw a monkey wrench into it.
  • She is a 19 year old. Did Luke really think she wanted a old man with no money, no looks and bad taste?

What are your thoughts about Luke Berry’s friend, Brian revealing the cheating allegations? Do you think she really kept her clothes on in the bed? Sound off in the comment below, and come back here for all your 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise news. The show currently airs on TLC on  Thursdays.

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  1. U brag u live like a Queen not without Luke u can’t u have ur salon that Luke got for u and your apartment your dog your car your clothes etc….. she is using him I was 19 once I seen friends do that to men with money. If she was smart she would support him right now cause he lost his job. Bitching just pushes him away from u honey. That’s supposed to be your fiancé. His only asset is the apartment he rents to tourist. His ego has been affected him he don’t need his fiancé who he gave her everything she wanted now he’s down and needs u and your support during these times he’s dealing with and still trying to figure out how to keep u happy. That’s a very selfless man. That’s rare. Girl be there for him or u will push him away.

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