Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Cringeworthy Mistake On ‘Name That Tune’

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Name that Tune is back and just had its premiere for Season 4. Former Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars winner Kaitlyn Bristowe appeared on the special celebrity edition on June 3. While it was a great time for all involved, Kaitlyn made a mistake that was simply cringeworthy. What did she do? Keep reading to get the scoop.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Makes Cringy Mistake On Name That Tune 

The Sun shared all the details behind the premiere of Name That Tune Season 4. This special celebrity edition featured former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and Queer Eye star Karamo.

Kaitlyn ended up losing and why she lost is cringeworthy to many. The two were to identify the song which happened to be a very famous nursery rhyme. Kaitlyn lost the $10,000 challenge when she confidently shouted out the answer to be “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Host Jane Krakowski visibly cringed at Kaitlyn’s very wrong answer. Karamo was then given the opportunity to answer the question correctly. She did and won. The correct answer was “Old MacDonald Had A Farm.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe/Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram
Kaitlyn Bristowe/Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram

Kaitlyn even went to Instagram Stories later to share how embarrassed she was that she got the song wrong. She said, “I hate myself. I had a blast embarrassing myself on @namethattunefox. And I love @karamo SO MUCH. In our green room I was getting every song. Then you get out to the stage…. The lights. The legend @randyjackson starring at you… and my brain went to mashed potatoes. What a fun experience and for a great cause.”


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What Is The Fox Show About?

Name That Tune host is Tony Award winner and Emmy Award nominee Jane Krakowski. According to the official synopsis, “two players race against time to test their knowledge of songs performed by a live band with Grammy Award-winning producer Randy Jackson as band leader. The player with the most money at the end of bid-a-note wins the game and takes his or her bank into the golden medley bonus round for a chance to win additional cash and the $100,000 grand prize.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe didn’t seem to be really great at the competition. She also answered another question wrong before Karamo correctly named the tune.

The show is entertaining and provides various games and chances for contestants to participate in and win.

Did you see Kaitlyn on the show?

Don’t miss all-new episodes of Celebrity Name That Tune on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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