‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Danielle Exits Davis Family For Good

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Has Seeking Sister Wife star, Danielle left the Davis family for good this time? The third wife of Nick Davis had left once before when she felt her feelings were not being respected. Then she came back and it looked like things were going in a positive direction. Now, it seems that she has left them and is not returning but what is giving that impression? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Danielle Exits Davis Family For Good

Danielle was new to polygamy when she met the Davis family in Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife. Yet, she really liked the wives, April and Jennifer, and connected with husband, Nick Davis. Despite the wives calling her “green,” she still wanted to take the leap and chose to marry them. The difference within this family is that the women marry each other so Danielle knew she might have to marry the next woman to enter the family. At the beginning of the new season, Jennifer had just given birth to her first child so this was something Danielle was embracing.

April Davis, Danielle Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram
April Davis, Danielle Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram

However, the family was ready for a fourth wife but she was not so she left. She did come back and they began to date Jasmine but realized she was not the right fit. At the end of the season, it said they had found someone new who Danielle was comfortable with. It now appears that she has had second thoughts as she has revamped her social media. According to her Facebook, Danielle is now listed as Danielle Mueller and she is single.

Danielle Davis-Facebook
Danielle Davis-Facebook

Seeking Sister Wife fans could not believe how stunning she looked. Not only did she change her name and relationship status but also her cover photo. It used to be the family and now it is flowers. The last time Danielle updated her Facebook was in November 2023. Therefore, this is a big life change and she is sending a message. She may not have been able to do or say anything while the show was still airing.

Fans Are Hopeful

After seeing Danielle’s new Facebook, Seeking Sister Wife fans were very hopeful that she had left the family. Furthermore, it would explain why Jennifer and April had a Tinder profile sans Danielle in the photos. A Reddit thread was started to express hopefulness for Danielle moving on:

  • Oh I really really hope so, for her sake. It’s hard to watch them manipulate, take advantage of and prey on her.
  • I sure hope so. She’s much better off without any of them.
  • This name change happened in the last couple days because I was friends with her before when it was Davis
  • I hope so! Could just be angle too but she looks slimmer in the face as well. Hope she’s gained some self confidence and left this weird cult!

This could be a big arc if the show comes back for another season and give the Davis family a leg up as they will be back to seeking. Do you want to see them again? Or, are you over them and hopeful Danielle is, as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I watch the program and find it entertaining/interesting although not really “understand” the concept but whatever. However, I have always been almost baffled by Danielle’s dilemma – it seems she is uncomfortable with the “plan” of the family, but she keeps staying and giving the impression she’s willing to move forward and accept things the family has planned and clearly explained. Although this is not MY life style plan, it seems Danielle HEARS it and ACCEPTS it but is truly and continuously uncomfortable – SHE needs to move out, move forward, and move on – it is best for her and for the family. ALL of them need to pursue THEIR life with no conflict or compromise.

  2. I think Danielle likes being with the family as a whole.. but I don’t think she is actually a polygamous. she’s never shown that mentality to me anyways, and I don’t think it’s fair to the rest of them as a family who want to grow. I felt Jasmine would have been a good fit with all her querkiness, but they felt the need to validate Danielle’s feelings. I think she needs to move on for everyone’s sake.

  3. I find it weird he doesn’t work, but that’s what they all agreed on, apparently. Bringing another woman in with Danielle was not going to happen. In one episode, when he came back from his date w/ Jasmine she gave and had crazy eyes the whole time talking to him. She wasn’t going to accept anyone else. If she left and Jasmine, Is still open to it, they should date her. They all liked her but Danielle.

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