Moriah Plath Accidently Shares Embarrassing Family Footage

Moriah Plath - Welcome To Plathville

While Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath, often freely shares her videos about music or her latest look, she is more conscientious of the footage she shares of her family. However, she admittedly shared an embarrassing video by accident.

Moriah Plath Teases Storyline

Lately, Moriah Plath has been busy with her music and internal self-work. But she also is discovering multiple new looks. While fans wait for the new season of Welcome To Plathville to explain the background story, Moriah teases a heartache that spurred her to write several new songs. Undeniably, Moriah is leaving many details out about the relationship that left her brokenhearted. Most likely, the rest of the story will be filled in with the new season of the show. But in the meantime, she was going through old videos and accidentally released an embarrassing clip.

Moriah Plath - Welcome To Plathville
Moriah Plath – Welcome To Plathville

Moriah Plath Accidently Shares Embarrassing Family Footage

On Moriah Plath’s Instagram page, she has a video with the caption: “I literally just accidentally posted this while going through my old drafts… I guess I’ll leave it up now πŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ™„.” Moriah adds text in the video that says, “Playing my dad’s favorite song for him.” Then, Welcome To Plathville fans can see that Barry Plath is jamming out to his favorite tune. As he nods his head and taps his hands to the music, fans can hear Barry loves, “Surfin Bird” by The Trashmen playing in the car.

Moriah Plath accidentally posts footage of Barry Plath jamming to "Surfin Bird." - Instagram
Moriah Plath accidentally posts footage of Barry Plath jamming to “Surfin Bird.” – Instagram

This 1963 song is best known for its lyrics:

“A well a everybody’s heard about the bird B-b-b bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word.”

The line is repeated multiple times throughout the song.

Moriah Plath Catches Isaac’s Second-hand EmbarrassmentWhile Barry Plath claps and jives to his groove, Moriah Plath catches Isaac Plath hiding his face. Oblivious to Isaac’s embarrassment, Barry is enjoying every second of the catchy song. But Isaac either thinks being on camera is annoying or finds his dad’s interest in the song humiliating.

  • “Hahaha Moriah look at your brother’s face hahaha he’s loving his father’s favorite song hahaha.”
Isaac covers his face after watching his dad's dance. - Instagram
Isaac Plath covers his face after watching his dad’s dance. – Instagram

Fans Correlate Barry Plath With Peter Griffin

Some fans quickly make the connection between Barry’s pleasure in hearing the song to a funny scene from Family Guy. Undeniably, Peter Griffin is always down to hear “Surfin Bird.”

  • One fan says, “Your dad is Peter Griffin.” While another person posts a GIF of Peter’s love of the song.
  • Likewise, another fan says, “There is a whole family guy episode devoted to how annoying this song is. πŸ˜‚.”
  • “OMG!! It’s so annoying. Lololol!!”
Several fans make the comparison between Barry and Peter Griffin. - Instagram
Several fans make the comparison between Barry Plath and Peter Griffin. – Instagram
  • However, other fans couldn’t get enough of Moriah Plath’s video! “Love this!!”
  • “What a happy moment! Sending you love and blessings! πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ’–.”
  • “This being his favorite song sums him up perfectly πŸ˜‚.”
  • “My dad loves this song too. It’s a total dad song 🀣🀣.”

What do you think about Barry Plath’s jam? Do you think “Surfin Bird” is annoying or fun? Do you think that Moriah Plath accidentally posted the video? Are you ready to see more episodes of Welcome To Plathville? Drop your comments below.


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