Brandi Glanville Responds To Caroline Manzo Allegations

Brandi Glanville-YouTube

Brandi Glanville is responding to the allegations brought to her by Caroline Manzo from RHUGT Morocco. It has been put on hold indefinitely as Manzo has sued Bravo as well as other production companies associated with the show. She maintains that Brandi sexually assaulted her while they were filming. Now, more details of what happened during the trip have emerged and Brandi is having her say. Keep reading for more details.

Brandi Glanville Responds To Caroline Manzo Allegations

When it came out that Brandi Glanville had allegedly been sent home from Morocco during RHUGT, fans were shocked. It had something to do with supposedly sexually assaulting her co-star, Caroline Manzo, who was also exiting Morocco. No one knew what had transpired but it was not good. Brandi maintained that she had done nothing bad and as time went on, it progressively got worse. It became so bad that it looked like this season would never see the light of day. Some of the cast came to Brandi’s defense and said they did not see things the same way.

Caroline Manzo-YouTube
Caroline Manzo-YouTube

Now, all of the alleged explicit details have been revealed as to what happened on that fateful night. Some included this:

“When Glanville was sexually assaulting me on the sofa, she was rubbing her vagina on me. The producers just watched and kept filming.”

Manzo also claimed that she was “forcibly fondled” by Brandi and that she ran to the bathroom, hoping for help from production. One person did try to help but the rest apparently did nothing. In the bathroom, Manzo also hit her head from what was going on. Finally, it was added that:

“Glanville maliciously sexually assaulted me for her own sexual gratification.”

These are some serious and disturbing allegations but Brandi Glanville is not taking them lying down. She took to Twitter/X to share her side and was reshared by @byewighellodrama.

She maintains that what is being said is false and “defamatory” and that she has never received a complaint in all of her Bravo days. More so, Brandi shared that Caroline Manzo had fun one night, and now she is twisting it into something it is not. Furthermore, she shared that Manzo had the chance to walk away and did not. Finally, Brandi is over being everyone else’s punching bag and added a bevy of expletives.

Who Do Fans Believe?

After seeing Brandi Glanville’s response, what did followers and fans have to say? Did they believe her or think she was fabricating the truth?

  • How can she say she’s never had a complaint…..she slapped LVP, she threw wine at Eileen, she tore the shirt off of that guy at Bluestone Manor. She’s had plenty of complaints.
  • I can’t stand how smug and self righteous Caroline is.
  • Something ain’t right with this case. Both are contradicting each other and somewhere right in the middle, lies the truth.

It seemed that people were torn between the two. Some believed that Manzo would not have held back when getting aggressive with Brandi. By the same token, they do not believe Brandi has a clean slate with no complaints. The consensus is to air the show and let viewers decide.

Whose side are you on or do you think that this has gone too far? Let us know in the comments below.

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