Brandi Glanville Calls Lisa Vanderpump Out For Condoning Cheating

Brandi Glanville-YouTube

Brandi Glanville is calling out her former RHOBH co-star, Lisa Vanderpump for allegedly condoning cheating on her show. Though LVP has claimed that she does not condone this act, Brandi has a very different experience with the restauranteur. So, what does the podcaster have to say about her time with Lisa? Keep reading for more details.

Brandi Glanville Calls Lisa Vanderpump Out For Condoning Cheating

After what happened in Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules, things were a hot mess. Tom Sandoval cheated on his longtime partner and co-star, Ariana Madix with her best friend and cast mate, Rachel Leviss. This did not come out until six months after filming had stopped. Yet, only four episodes of the season had aired when the bomb was dropped and ratings went through the roof. Cameras went back up to film a new season finale and the aftermath of what was actually going down. Lisa Vanderpump has claimed that she does not condone cheating though it was speculated that the affair was staged for ratings.

Lisa Vanderpump-YouTube
Lisa Vanderpump-YouTube

LVP has vehemently denied this as has the Vanderpump cast. However, many viewers have said that she is a male sympathizer and does not care for her female cast. Now, her former RHOBH co-star and best friend, Brandi Glanville has a bone to pick. She heard how LVP does not condone cheating, especially on her own show. Yet, she believes that she was used as a pawn to help launch Vanderpump Rules. Scheana Shay had an affair with Brandi’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian but she also worked at LVP’s restaurants.

Brandi Glanville-Instagram
Brandi Glanville-Instagram

Brandi was encouraged to speak and have a sitdown with Scheana to make interactions easier but she believes it was to help VPR get picked up. The kicker of all of this was that Lisa Vanderpump said she would not put up with cheating on her show. However, she made Brandi sit down with the woman who she knew wrecked her home all for her own gain. It seems Brandi looks at this as a slap in the face and a complete lie because she kept Scheana employed regardless of her actions.

Is There A Difference?

Was Lisa Vanderpump talking about cheating on her show and within the cast because then it changes everything. By the time Brandi Glanville and Scheana Shay had their sitdown, the affair was over and the divorce had happened. What really hurt Brandi on RHOBH was that LVP kept saying Scheana was nothing more than an employee. However, that proved to be untrue as Scheana was very close to LVP’s daughter, Pandora Todd Sabo. She also had allegedly asked her to do her dirty work. When Brandi’s followers saw this tweet, they did feel that LVP was in the wrong:

  • LVP is such a hypocrite and a liar
  • she’s as exploitative and selfish as andy !!
  • Yup and you never made a dollar off of it but the “mistress” made money, Bravo made money and so did LVP
  • Double standards from her for sure . Look at lala!

Do you think that Brandi was used as a pawn and has every right to be angry about Lisa’s statement? Or, should she let it go and move on with her life? Let us know in the comments below.

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