Fans Call Audrey Roloff Tactless Over Newborn Comment

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff - Instagram

Audrey Roloff revealed that her baby arrived three days after the fourth child made her debut. Little People, Big World fans noticed she already seems insensitive and tactless. After all, babies grow up and one day, the child will have to live with what was posted on social media. Read on to find out why TLC fans feel irritated.

LPBW Audrey Roloff Slammed For Exploiting Kids

If Audrey and Jeremy never showed the faces of the children online, TLC fans would probably rant about that. Actually, they never really forgave Jacob Roloff for keeping his son, Mateo private. But conversely, Little People, Big World fans often feel that Audrey and Jeremy seem to put their kids out there too much.

Mira May Roloff - Instagram
Mira May Roloff – Instagram

Audrey Roloff’s newest addition, Mira May, means that Matt and Amy Roloff are now grandparents to eight little ones. Obviously, LPBW fans don’t begrudge them that. However, critics often claim that their daughter-in-law seems insensitive to their children’s privacy. Now, it looks like the littlest Roloff will also be all over social media.

Little People, Big World Fans Slam Hair-Color Post

After a photo of the baby arrived showing the color of her hair, a fan on Reddit shared it. Audrey had said, “Our first baby with a lot of dark hair!!!” She also added an unhappy face emoji. So, the OP wrote:

Hair color disappointment from day 1

Audrey Roloff's New Baby Girl - Instagram Via Reddit
Audrey Roloff’s New Baby Girl – Instagram Via Reddit

Well, some LPBW fans believe that Audrey wanted a child with red hair, and in the past, they suspected that she colored Ember’s locks. So, in the comments, that hair color issue was raised. Meanwhile, others slammed her for putting her baby online.

TLC Fans React

Here are some of the reactions that Little People, Big World fans had about the comment that Audrey Roloff made:

  • I’m surprised they are disappointed. It looks like it might be red. Laying to rest any questions we may have about whether the carpet appears to match the drapes.
  • Healthy babies is what we care about …are u serious[?]
  • That’s such a ridiculously tactless, insensitive, clueless comment to make. Why isn’t she just basking in joy and gratitude of having a healthy baby! She married into a family in which some of the people have had serious medical problems. For example, look at all the operations Zach went through. I really dislike her. I hope they never have a redheaded, curly haired child
  • She doesn’t even let the kids have privacy. Like stop posting your kids. I see why most celebrities now don’t post their kids till they’re old enough to know consent. It’s like she doesn’t wanna wait for their opinion if they like being posted or not.

What are your thoughts about Audrey Roloff seeming upset over the dark hair of the baby? Do you think she should rather be grateful her child is healthy? Just born, and already being put on social media, do you agree that she seems insensitive? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Little People, Big World news.

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