‘LPBW’ Jeremy Roloff Opens Up On Debilitating Health Issue

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff

Little People Big World fans have come to associate Jeremy Roloff with the controversial opinions he shares online. Recently, Matt Roloff’s son opened up about a debilitating health issue that he deals with. So, what is it, and what did he have to say about it?

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff Shares Controversial Opinions Online

Little People Big World former cast member Jeremy Roloff may have quit the TLC family show years ago, but, he has found ways to stay in the spotlight long after his last scene aired. One of the ways that Jeremy does this is by expressing controversial opinions online.

Whether it’s opinions about harmful chemicals and additives in everyday supermarket products or offering his thoughts on the female menstrual cycle, Jeremy always has a new perspective on something, whether Little People Big World fans want his perspective or not.

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff - Audrey Roloff
Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff – Audrey Roloff/YouTube

LPBW: Jeremy Opens Up About Debilitating Medical Issue

Typically, when it comes to the Roloff family and medical issues, viewers think about Matt Roloff, Zach Roloff, or one of Zach’s children dealing with something related to their achondroplasia. Recently, though, Jeremy Roloff opened up about something that he currently deals with.

According to Jeremy, the former Little People Big World celeb opened up about an issue with his back. He told his followers: “I’ve had reoccurring lower back pain for several years now that completely demobilizes me for days or even weeks.”

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff
Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff/YouTube

Little People Big World: What Else Did Jeremy Reveal?

In addition to talking about the issues he experiences with his lower back, Jeremy Roloff also shared a video with his many Little People Big World followers. In the short clip, you can see the issue that Jeremy is talking about, as he often has difficulty getting up from a seated position, or even doing things like turning his head a certain way.

So far, the one silver lining is that Jeremy has been able to rule out his condition being related to “disc issues.” According to the former Little People Big World celeb, he had x-rays done, and everything “looked good.” So far, he suspects that it’s a muscle imbalance issue, which is causing his body to overcompensate, in turn, throwing everything out of alignment.


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Jeremy Roloff went on to add: “Whatever it is, it causes me to not be able to stand up straight, look over my shoulder, lift things, or even sneeze without having to get into child’s pose. Bad timing considering we have a fourth baby that was due yesterday, hoping it settles down quickly, so I can be fully present and capable.”

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