‘Today’ Al Roker Shares One Decision That Helped Beat Cancer

Today: Al Roker

Today celeb Al Roker recently opened up about the importance of cancer detection, and how it saved his life. He even talked about the one decision that helped him beat cancer. As he continues to spread cancer awareness, what else did he have to say about his personal journey?

Today Weatherman Al Roker Has Been A Staple For Years

Al Roker has been a staple on the Today Show for 28 years. He has been entertaining families and keeping them in the loop for decades. His first day on the job for Today was all the way back on January 26, 1996.

Families have welcomed Al Roker into their homes for all these years, and for many viewers, he has become part of the family.

Recently, the beloved Today celeb opened up about how one routine decision completely changed the course of his life, particularly when it came to cancer and cancer awareness. So, what did he have to say?

Al Roker-YouTube
Al Roker-YouTube

Roker Details The Routine Physical That Changed His Life

Back in September of 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Al Roker was seriously considering not going in for his routine physical. He was on the fence about going in for it until he finally decided to go in anyway. It turns out, that one decision completely altered the course of his life.

Following his physical, he was found to have an aggressive form of prostate cancer. Luckily, going in for his physical when he did led to doctors catching this early. Roker went in for surgery in November that same year, as doctors removed his prostate, lymph nodes, and some surrounding tissue.

These days, Al Roker’s cancer levels are “considered undetectable,” according to PEOPLE.

Al Roker - YouTube - Feature
Al Roker – YouTube

Today Host Spreads Cancer Awareness

Following his personal cancer journey, Al Roker is now using his platform to spread cancer awareness. One ripple effect of Roker getting that early cancer diagnosis is that he is around to see his first grandchild, a granddaughter named Sky.

Opening up about his experience, Roker said: “I’m so grateful I’m here to be able to see my first grandchild. If there’s any reason to make sure you’re as healthy as possible, it’s that.”

AL Roker and granddaughter Sky - Instagram
Instagram/Al Roker

After everything he endured, which later included a complicated surgery in 2023 after blood clots in his legs spread to his lungs, Al Roker is all about using his platform and celebrity status to raise cancer awareness, as he emphasizes the importance of going in for regular checkups.

Roker said: “All of this obviously saved my life. If people who are in the public eye choose to stay private about (their prostate health), that’s their choice. No judgment. But if you’re going to go through this and you can help others, why not do that?”

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