‘VPR’ Jo Wenberg Is Still Obsessed With Tom Schwartz

Jo Wenberg

Jo Wenberg seems to be still obsessed with Tom Schwartz. Fans are hating on Jo after what she posted. It seems she is friends with Rachel Leviss as well. If that doesn’t say something. Fans never liked Jo, they felt as though she was always seeking attention. Now she is disrespecting Tom and his new girlfriend. Keep reading to find out more about her obsession with Tom and what fans do not like.

Tom Schwartz Cuts Off Jo Wenberg

Jo Wenberg decided to tell fans that Tom Schwartz’s new girlfriend was a fan. This was out of a place of jealousy. However, Tom did not approve of what Jo said and texted her about it.

“Please don’t mention me or my girlfriend anymore. Why would you waste another second of your life chasing someone who doesn’t want to be with you, respectfully blocking you so whatever you say will fall on deaf ears.”

Tom made it clear Jo does not have any chance of being with him. However, she seems to still be obsessing over him.

Jo Wenberg, Tom Schwartz-Instagram
Jo Wenberg, Tom Schwartz-Instagram

She Is Still Obsessed With Tom

She posted a montage of her and Tom Schwartz on her Instagram story. Yikes. Fans do not approve of what she did. 

  • “Okayyyy, I officially cannot anymore. I wish her all the best in life, but I feel like reality TV is not the best for her a la Kelly Bensimon from RHONY.”
  • “It’s giving when Kristen and Tom were at the worst point of their relationship and she wouldn’t stop tweeting about how beautiful their dark hair blue eyes children would be.”
  • “Umm….this is not normal and she needs to stop talking about him so much.”
  • “She’s not dating ! Cause if she was she wouldn’t keep doing this , plus she was just o 2 podcasts last week and never mentioned a thing. Just keeps making that stupid Aaron Roger’s joke. And that told me all I needed to know about ole Jo. Yuck !”
  • “Oh my God jo this is absolutely DERANGED behaviour. She seriously needs a therapist”
Jo Wenberg Instagram Story
Jo Wenberg Instagram Story

It seems that she is still trying to post about her relationship with Tom. Fans feel as though that is disrespecting Tom’s new relationship. However, she does not seem to care. Jo will never be a fan favorite. Fans want her to move on and stop trying to use her five minutes on Vanderpump Rules to become famous. What do you think about all of this? Sound off in the comments below.

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