‘VPR’ The Reason Tom Schwartz Blocked Jo Wenberg

Jo Wenberg

The reason Tom Schwartz blocked Jo Wenberg has finally been revealed. Viewers got to see how close the two were on this season of Vanderpump Rules. However, their friendship has taken a turn for the worse. Jo has now been blocked by Tom and the two are not in contact. This shocked fans as they thought the two would be friends forever. Maybe the feelings got in the way of that.

Katie Maloney Feels Bad For Jo Wenberg

Katie Maloney was seen being mean to Jo Wenberg during the show. However, fans could see where Katie was coming from with her feelings. Now it seems she feels differently.

“Seeing their dynamic and seeing how they were together and getting kind of Jo’s perspective on the whole thing was very eye-opening, and I kind of did feel for her because he was giving her the runaround and breadcrumbing her a bit, and it made me feel a little sad because she did have an investment in him and real feelings there.”

Tom did give Jo a little bit of the run around which made people feel bad for her when he said he did not feel the same way.

Jo Wenberg, Tom Schwartz-Instagram
Jo Wenberg, Tom Schwartz-Instagram

Why Tom Blocked Jo

Jo recently revealed the reason why Tom blocked her. It seems Jo called his girlfriend, Sophia, a fan. Tom did not appreciate her talking about his girlfriend and texted her.

“Please don’t mention me or my girlfriend anymore. Why would you waste another second of your life chasing someone who doesn’t want to be with you, respectfully blocking you so whatever you say will fall on deaf ears.”

Yikes. Jo did not seem to be phased as much as fans expected. However, she could have been hiding those emotions. Fans also did not like how Tom commented on Jo wearing makeup on the last episode. There is a lot that went on between the two and the friendship is no longer a thing.

Tom Schwartz [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

It seems Jo was interfering with Tom’s relationship, and he was not going to have it. Fans cannot blame Tom as Jo did admit she had feelings for him during the season. Sophia more than likely does not want Tom to have a relationship with Jo which can be understandable. The two are no longer friends and Katie can see where she was coming from when watching the season back. What do you think about this? Sound off in the comments below.

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