‘Catfish’ Are Nev Schulman & Max Joseph Joining OnlyFans?

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Are Catfish host Nev Schulman and his former sidekick, Max Joseph joining OnlyFans together? Max shared he was leaving the MTV reality series in 2018 leaving Nev to find someone new. Yet, he returned a few times along the way. Now, he has returned to co-host an episode and fans realized how much they loved the duo together. Will they capitalize on the viewer obsession? Keep reading for more details.

Catfish Are Nev Schulman & Max Joseph Joining OnlyFans?

It has been several years since Max Joseph broke the news that he was leaving Catfish. It was hard for fans as he and Nev Schulman had become a dynamic duo. Guest co-hosts were tested out and eventually, Kamie Crawford was the one who made the cut. She is great with the guests and is not only tough but can show love at the same time. Plus, she and Nev balance each other quite well. However, she does have other commitments so she is not always available. Such was the case for the Tuesday, May 28th episode.

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Rather than bring in a guest host, Catfish brought back Max Joseph to help Nev solve the case. Fans were so thrilled to have the OG duo back together that they could not help but praise them.

Nev Schulman soon took to his Twitter/X in response to a photo someone posted where they asked: “do you think they’ve explored each others bodies?”

Followers immediately responded quite positively:

  • I would sub so embarrassingly fast ngl
  • Give the viewers a preview and then we’ll cast our vote
  • I hate to admit that I would definitely sub
  • Ok but why are y’all teasing us like this
  • Not a want but a NEED

The Episode Of All Episodes

Max Joseph returned for the Catfish episode to end all episodes. They received a request from Zahra who met her mate, T, on a feeder site. That is where one person is the feeder (T) and the other is the feedee (Zahra). The goal is for the feeder to feed the feedee and make them gain weight and it is an actual fetish which shocked Max and Nev Schulman. This was one of the craziest episodes for Max to be back for but it was great all the same. Now, as for the OnlyFans, they were likely just having fun with their fans but if they did decide to do it, it looks like it could be lucrative.

Would you be open to seeing them on that forum or are they better off as friends and co-hosts? Let us know and watch Catfish Tuesdays on MTV.

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