Brock Davies Did Not Get Paid For Being On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Brock Davies

It has recently been revealed that Brock Davies did not get paid for being on Vanderpump Rules. This came to light when Ariana Madix revealed that Daniel Wai was not getting paid. Fans are shocked that Brock would be on the show so much when there is no money involved. Some do not approve of his thought process about it. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Brock Davies Did Not Get Paid

It was revealed in the reunion episode that Brock Davies did not get paid for his first season of Vanderpump Rules. This was revealed when Ariana Madix said her boyfriend Daniel Wai was not getting paid and that is why he did not have much interest in being on the show. Andy Cohen stepped in to say:

“Brock didn’t get paid in the beginning and he was around,”

Brock did not disagree and nodded in approval. This was shocking for fans to hear. Some think it was embarrassing.

Brock Davies/Pump Rules/Instagram
Brock Davies/Pump Rules/Instagram

Fans Do Not Approve

Fans did not approve of Brock Davies being on the show without being paid. 

  • “Admitting that Brock sat his grown ass on that show not getting paid is truly embarrassing. Where is the shame? From both of them,”
  • “Even the Jersey housewives have enough business acumen to get their man paid,”
  • “He filmed all those scenes his first season and didn’t get paid? Then he filmed less his second season bc he made a fool of himself. So is this his first season getting paid???”

Some fans went on to support his decision. Some think he did not get paid because production needed to see if he was going to stick around for the show or not. However, Scheana and Brock now share a daughter together. Brock does get paid now for being on the show. Although, the current season being filmed got put on hold, which more than likely means so did their paychecks. Do you think it was embarrassing for Brock?

Brock Davies, Scheana Shay-Instagram
Brock Davies, Scheana Shay-Instagram

It seems that fans think it was embarrassing for Brock to do the show with no pay. However, a few think it was the best way for him to get on the show. Daniel did not care to participate in the show much due to not getting paid. Ariana understood that completely and seemed to care less if he was on the show or not. What do you think about everything? Sound off in the comments below.

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