Jazz Jennings Flaunts Weight Loss Again In New Post

Jazz Jennings From I Am Jazz - Instagram

I Am Jazz star, Jazz Jennings can flaunt her weight loss over and over these days. A few years ago, fans saw that after her bottom surgeries went badly wrong, she gained weight. The reality TV star seemed depressed for a long time and her mom, Jeanette despaired because of her binge eating. Now, however, she lost so much of it, that TLC fans were amazed and inspired. Keep reading to find out more about her new post.

Jazz Jennings Shed Over 70Lbs

Cramming food into her mouth didn’t help the reality TV star feel any better about the trials she went through during her surgeries. However, she knew she had to do something about it. Notably, it wasn’t only about eating. The meds she took also helped her put on weight. One day, she realized that she couldn’t enjoy doing things like playing tennis anymore. So, she started to discipline herself and got some help.

Jazz jennings put on a lot of weight but lost it again - Instagram
Jazz Jennings put on a lot of weight but lost it again – Instagram

Jazz Jennings often flaunts her weight loss. Did you know that the I Am Jazz star shed more than 70lbs? At the end of January, her followers were stunned when they saw her new figure. At the time, she said, “Feeling happier and healthier than I’ve been in years. I still have a ways to go, but I’m so proud to finally be taking the necessary steps toward bettering my mind, body, and spirit.”

TLC Star’s Flaunting Her Slim Figure Again

On the weekend, the TLC star took to her Instagram account and shared two photos. In the first one, she revealed a selfie that showed her displaying some cleavage in a black swimsuit. In the other one, she and a friend named Sam both looked good as they enjoyed the warm weather. In the caption, the I Am Jazz star wrote:

✨Radiate Love✨…Thanks for being the best friend @yoitsam_


Jazz Jennings Enjoys Warm Weather In A Swimsuit - Instagram
Jazz Jennings Enjoys Warm Weather In A Swimsuit – Instagram

Jazz Jennings’ brother Sander Jennings arrived to comment, saying, “This makes me so happy!! Love the friendship that you two both share ❤️🙌.” TLC fans also commented because many of her 1.2 million followers adore her. Here’s what some of them said:

  • Oh god u r magnificent⚡️⚡️!!!
  • Good 👍🏼 pretty good hot 🔥🦋
  • Best friends are so special. 💖
  • Heyyyyy pretty lady looking so beautiful 😍
  • Wow that’s radiance at its finest you look amazing @jazzjennings_
  • Still got those beautiful hypnotic eyes 🙂 🌹🌹

What are your thoughts about Jazz Jennings looking so good after all her weight loss? Do you agree that she looks magnificent? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your I Am Jazz news.

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