Jazz Jennings Brother Sander Asks Transgender Woman Out Amid Weightloss Intervention

Jazz Jennings’ brother Sander is giving it a shot with a transgender woman. This comes after he blindsided his sister with a weight-loss intervention. On Tuesday’s episode of I Am Jazz, he decides to ask out Hope. The 23-year-old talks to his crush on video chat as he comes up with a smooth way to ask her out on a date.

According to the sneak peek for the upcoming episode, he’s not quite sure what to do. The two are good friends and have been for some time. Sander appears “nervous” as he speaks to Hope. He admits in his confessional that while he’s asked out girls before, he’s “gotten turned down,” which messes with his head.

Jazz Jennings’ brother is “nervous” about asking out his friend Hope

People first shared a sneak peek of the new episode. The short clip shows the two friends speaking over video chat. Sander nervously prepares himself to ask Hope out on a date. He’s hoping that the two will become more than friends.

“I’m super excited you joined me online, and anytime we’re or anything and the word ‘hope’ comes up, like hopefully or hope or something, I’m like, ‘Hope, hope, hope’… it’s just such a cool name,” Sander tells her.

Sander Jennings Asks Hope Out [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Hope explained that she’s a “cool person,” which is why she chose the name. She wanted her name to be on everyone’s minds. Sander explained in his confessional that his friend is “a good vibe,” which is one of the reasons why he has a crush on her. Though they never met in real life, he wants to see where their friendship takes in.

“Hope and I have never met, and it just doesn’t do you service just to do calls online and continue doing social media events,” Sander explained. “I just want to hang out with Hope in person. But I’ve asked girls on dates and I’ve gotten turned down before, so I’m a little bit nervous.”

Sander finally gets the courage to ask Hope out. He casually suggests that they should “hang out” and “do something fun together.” Hope said yes! But the viewers will have to find out if their date goes well.

Sander held a weight-loss intervention

This moment come after Sander and his two siblings, Ari and Griffen had a weight-loss intervention. They cornered Jazz Jennings to confront her about her weight gain. The TLC star revealed that she gained 234 pounds since she graduated high school.

“Jazz really needs to start pushing towards this healthier life, so hopefully with the help of this vision square, she’s going to start really reaching her visions and goals by being consistent with these things,” Griffen explained. “It’s one thing to be aware of what’s going wrong, like not healthy eating, not working out, but it’s another thing to actually take action and take daily and consistent action.”

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[Screenshot | YouTube]
The siblings felt confident about helping their sister achieve a “healthier” lifestyle. But Jazz felt like they were attacking her rather than helping her. She’s been open about her struggles with binge-eating in the past. In the previous episode, Jazz said she was blindsided by their intervention. Jazz’s family members, including her siblings, have been criticized by fans for body-shaming their sister.

I Am Jazz airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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