Jax Taylor Meets New Girlfriend’s Parents: Moving On Quick

Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor has officially met his new girlfriend’s parents. Fans are mad at Jax for already having a new girlfriend. He should have been working on himself and trying to fix his marriage. Brittany and Jax have not filed for divorce yet. Viewers also feel bad for Brittany as Jax is making it clear he did not care that much. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Jax Taylor Claims He Won’t Date Again

Jax Taylor has claimed that he would not date again after Brittany Cartwright. That did not last long as he has a new girlfriend. The two were seen going on a three-hour lunch date. They were also seen at a friend’s birthday party where Paige Woolen claimed she was pregnant. Jax and Brittany split in January. Jax continues to live in the home they shared while Brittany is living in various Airbnb’s. Paige Woolen is a social media model and seems to not care about Jax’s past.

Jax Taylor-Instagram
Jax Taylor-Instagram

He Meets Paige’s Parents

It seems Jax has met the parents. Paige Woolen’s parents shared a photo of her dad, Jax Taylor, and Tom Schwartz. Fans are not impressed with Jax at all.

  • “Jax is extremely emotionally needy and cannot be single. He always jumps into a new relationship and goes full speed. He’ll also always cheat. People don’t magically change in their 40s”
  • “In reality, Jax has never really been embarrassed by his cheating. He expects everyone will eventually accept it because he “ owns up to it”.”
  • “I guess “not believing in divorce” & “taking time apart to work on yourself” means immediately jumping into a new relationship.”
  • “Well I hope this is the final push for Brittany to just leave him and NOT LOOK BACK.”
  • “And who is this girl that is ok parading around with a married man who is just barely separated from his wife.”

It is safe to say Jax does not have fans support. Then again, has he ever? 


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It seems he is not trying to fix his marriage at all. It has moved quickly considering he has already met her parents. She also likes to make jokes about her being pregnant. Viewers are not a fan of Jax and his new relationship. He made Brittany move out of the house they shared and got a new girlfriend shortly after. What do you think about what he is doing? Do you approve? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I wouldn’t consider her an actress, the only acting she does for pay is illegal in most states!!

  2. Jax is a cheater and a major liar..who would want him…he is a disrespectful self centered pig….can’t believe he has a show!! take him off..terrible example of a grown man..narcissistic

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