‘Jeopardy! Masters’ Fans Mock Yogesh’s Bad Move

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Three was a controversial move on Jeopardy! Masters this week that turned many fans against Yogesh Raut. The fans at home thought that he made a really bad and “arrogant” move. They then pointed out that he gave an “incorrect” answer that was somehow ruled correct by the show.

Here is what has fans mad at Jeopardy! Masters and Yogesh this week.

Yogesh Raut Accused Of “Arrogant” Move On Jeopardy! Masters

Yogesh Raut was playing on Jeopardy! Masters this week and made a move that made him seem arrogant. It was also a move that many fans felt resulted in a wrong answer. However, the show ruled he was correct, much to the chagrin of those watching at home.

Yogesh Raut, Troy Meyer, and Ben Chan. - Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions

After a few weeks of intense play, Jeopardy! Masters came down to a final three of James Holzhauer, Victoria Grace, and Yogesh Raut. However, many fans felt that Yogesh was acting arrogantly. Many fans felt that the way he was mashing the button each time was so arrogant.

Other fans said they hated a lot about him. However, things really got heated when Yogesh got a question right that past history indicated should have been counted as wrong. The question had Jason Kelce guest star and gave the clue.

“I was a key part of our quarterback sneak known as the Tush Push,” Jason said. “So I always smile knowingly when I hear their song, ‘Ah push it, push it good, ah push it, push it real good.”

The clue was about saying who sang that song. The correct answer was Salt-N-Pepa. However, Yogesh answered, “Who is Salt and Pepper.” Ken said it was right and the show moved on.

The problem is that in the Alex Trebek days, there was a question where the answer was “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. The person answered, “What is Gangster’s Paradise.” While Alex said it was right, they returned from the commercial and learned it was reversed because the contestant pronounced the song title wrong.

Fans Blast Yogesh Raut On Jeopardy! Masters

Fans compared Yogesh’s “correct” answer to the show with “Gnagsta’s Paradise” from the Alex Trabek days on the show. The fans want to know why Yogesh was counted right when the show previously showed that it was technically wrong.


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Here is an example of the fans’ comments after the episode.

  • “Wait… they accepted Yogesh’s clearly pronounced Salt AND Pepa as correct, when GangstER’s Paradise was famously ruled incorrect”
  • “I can’t believe they gave him credit for this. If book/movie titles have to be exact shouldn’t artists’ names also have to be exact?”
  • “Happy he didn’t win. So arrogant.”
  • “Yes yes yes, so glad about that. There are just so many things I dislike about him.”

What are your thoughts about Yogesh Raut and his actions on Jeopardy! Masters this week? Do you think his Salt-N-Pepa answer should have been ruled incorrect? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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