‘General Hospital’ Coby Ryan McLaughlin Suffers Personal Loss

General Hospital - Coby Ryan McLaughlin / YouTube

Fans know Coby Ryan McLaughlin well from his time on General Hospital. However, he has just posted that he suffered a terrible personal loss in his life. He posted a very long tribute, with some beautiful thoughts and a heartbreaking message in response to the loss.

Here is a look at what Coby wrote and what people close to him have said in response to the beautifully written tribute.

Coby Ryan McLaughlin Pens Tribute To His Lost Love

Coby Ryan McLaughlin took to Instagram and posted a lengthy, beautiful tribute to his lost love. In the post, he said he originally wrote about it “a couple of days ago” but he took it down because it was “too soon.” It turns out that his girlfriend has died and he wanted to express his feelings after her death.

General Hospital - Coby Ryan McLaughlin / YouTube

Coby, who played Dawn of Day cult leader Shiloh on General Hospital, wrote his memories of his love and what sticks with him most now that she is gone. “You looked at me with eyes so deeply full of love and trust…like it was predetermined from countless other lifetimes,” he wrote. “It was the safest most familiar thing I’ve ever known, and when you pulled me into breath with you, I was home. Breathing With you.”

He talked about her movements, her smell, her skin and hair, her breaths.

“I am utterly destroyed from your early departure; I could not fathom the amount of pain that you were in,” he wrote. “I could not help you; I could not save you.” He said he is now “completely empty” and promised to find her again in their next lifetime.

Coby Ryan McLaughlin’s Friends React To General Hospital Star’s Tribute

According to Soap Opera Digest, Coby Ryan McLaughlin has been dating a woman named Mel since 2019. It was Mel who passed away and that is what caused this tribute from Coby. In the tribute, Coby listed no cause of death, but several friends offered help after his loss.

There were also some touching comments after he made his Instagram post, including from some people close to him who are mourning as well.

  • “She knows you loved her with all your being. We all saw it and I’m glad to have witnessed it.”
  • “My heart is so broken… so many feelings. Hard to digest. I’m so grateful that I got to hug her, and tell her I loved her.”
  • “The pain is overwhelming. In the darkness, her light continues, and holding on to those moments are what will keep you going. We are here for you.”

Please help send your condolences and well wishes to Coby Ryan McLaughlin during this time of loss. Let us know your best memories of him from General Hospital in the comments below.

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