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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Reveal Helena Cassadine’s Return?

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General Hospital spoilers suggest viewers will soon see, or at least hear from, Cassadine matriarch Helena again. Helena Cassadine died years ago, although some fans always suspected she was still alive somewhere. Whether she returns alive or as a ghostly vision, the timing seems ripe for Constance Towers to reprise her role as Helena. Apparently, that very thing is in the works, and this has viewers buzzing.

Valentin Recently Received Stunning News

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) has been through the wringer the past couple of years regarding his biological background. He grew up believing he was the son of Mikkos Cassadine and the result of an affair. The family cast Valentin off and he eventually popped up in Port Charles ready to wreak havoc. As he battled for the Cassadine estate, he learned he was not the son of Mikkos. This news left him believing he wasn’t a Cassadine at all.

Recently, however, his world turned upside down again. It turns out he is a Cassadine, but Mikkos wasn’t his father. Instead, Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) is his biological father, and Helena is his mother. Not only has the family learned Victor wasn’t dead at all, but they also learned Valentin is a legitimate family member after all.

Credit: ABC General Hospital
Credit: ABC General Hospital

Questions For Helena

Naturally, this revelation has plenty of people in Port Charles wishing they could confront Helena with this. What really happened all those years ago between Victor and Helena? How was Valentin disowned by the family, and how did the truth about his paternity factor into the decision?

This bombshell regarding Valentin would certainly seem to suggest Helena’s ghost may appear again soon. The last that General Hospital viewers saw of Towers, Valentin “saw” her as he struggled with learning Helena was his biological mother, but Mikkos was not his father. More recently, Sam and Spinelli manipulated Peter into believing Helena was still alive and set to expose him. Viewers didn’t see Towers that time, but Peter heard her voice on a phone call.

General Hospital Seems Ripe For A Helena Return

Not only is the timing right for a Helena return because of Valentin and Victor, but because of the Peter and Drew saga too. Helena coordinated the chaos years ago regarding Drew and Jason, in connection with Peter and Shiloh, and Drew’s just returned to Port Charles after being presumed dead. It seems just a matter of time before someone truly handles Peter once and for all, and having Helena tied to that in some sense would seem a natural development.

On November 30, a post appeared on Towers’ Facebook page teasing a General Hospital return. Towers will film something for GH in December, and the post encouraged fans to contact the show to support her return. This suggests Towers might get more action in this return if they do.

General Hospital spoilers reveal nothing more about Helena’s return yet. However, viewers always love seeing or hearing Towers in the role and will be eager to learn more.

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