‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Carly’s Digging As Willow Searches

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The week of May 9 will be a wild one throughout Port Charles according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Carly Corinthos knows who Willow Tait’s biological mother is, and this bombshell should drop soon. Previews tease a building chemistry between Carly and Drew Cain, and viewers will finally see Dr. Terry Randolph and Chet Driscoll tackle a second date. What else can fans expect to see this week?

Carly’s Front-And-Center

The Twitter preview for the week of May 9 features a couple of tidbits involving Carly. For starters, Carly and Drew will find themselves together and the video teases that some Port Charles relationships will start to blossom. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate, however, that there will be some friction between Carly and Drew this week too.

Carly will do some digging this week and this is likely related to the Willow situation. Apparently, Drew will see something that prompts a confrontation with Carly. She may find her usual approach to dealing with conflict won’t work as easily with Drew as it often does with others.

Terry And Chet’s Romance May Fizzle Already

General Hospital spoilers promise a second date at last for Terry and Chet. Unfortunately, she’ll receive new information that could put an end to this tender romance. Fans have been rooting for this pairing, but they may not get what they want in terms of an ongoing romance here.

The romance involving Dante Falconeri and Sam McCall continues to grow and viewers will see more of them this week. General Hospital spoilers also hint at more sparks between Trina Robinson and Rory Cabrera. Trina’s bestie, Josslyn Jacks, will notice, and it sounds as if Spencer Cassadine will too.

General Hospital Spoilers Hint At Pressure From Ryan

Credit: General Hospital YouTube
Credit: General Hospital YouTube

Spencer continues his scheme to get the goods on Esme Prince, and he’ll soon search her room. General Hospital spoilers hint this won’t go as planned, and viewers will see Spencer and Esme try to determine what the other is thinking.

General Hospital spoilers suggest Esme will pay Ryan Chamberlain another visit and he’ll want a progress report. Apparently, her Esme’s accomplishments won’t satisfy him and he may up the ante dangerously.

Elizabeth Webber Baldwin reaches out to a medium in hopes she can figure out what’s been happening to her. As this progresses, General Hospital spoilers share Dr. Hamilton Finn will be increasingly concerned. It seems he’ll develop a theory of sorts, and he may hope Laura Collins can help him.

Viewers will see action on other fronts too, including some ELQ action, Cameron Webber in some trouble with both Trina and Joss, and some appearances from both Valentin Cassadine and Martin Gray. General Hospital spoilers hint at juicy twists and turns in the days ahead and fans cannot wait.

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