‘Young And The Restless’ Courtney Hope Taking A Break

Courtney Hope on The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless star Courtney Hope says she is taking a break. Hope, who plays Sally on the daytime soap opera said she needed to “take a break,” and there is a question on whether she will ever return. Luckily, Hope took to social media to address her future plans.

Here is what Hope had to say about her need to take a break, why she is leaving, and if she has plans to return.

Why Is Young and the Restless  Star Courtney Hope Taking A Break?

Courtney Hope says she is taking a break right now. Fans were concerned about the actress and her future specifically because she disappeared from social media. However, she took the time to jump onto her Instagram Stories and revealed a little more information about where she has been.

Young and the Restless - sally Spectra Courtney Hope - Phyllis Summers - Michelle Stafford

Courtney said people showed concern about her thanks to her recent social media absence. However, she wanted to let everyone know what is happening in her life and why she hasn’t been posting much. She said people go through “different seasons” in their lives, and she has refocused on other areas recently.

“This season for me has been a lot about head down, nose to the grindstone working and really nourishing the relationships around me and with myself,” Hope said (via Soaps in Depth). To accomplish this, Hope has taken a break from social media and is only getting on for about 15 minutes a day.

“It’s been wonderful,” the actress said. I’ve been diving more into my life and looking at who I need to be, what I want to be, what my life looks like for the next chapter, and how I can step up to that.”

Will Courtney Hope Be Back Soon?

It appears that The Young and the Restless star is loving her time away from social media. She said that she has been getting a lot more work done and has stayed busy. It seems that social media was mostly dragging her down, so fans might not see her so prominent on Instagram in the future.

It is also important to note that Courtney Hope said that her time away from social media has allowed her to reconnect with friends and family. This is because she has more “time off” and doesn’t have to focus on outside ventures. She gets to connect with herself more by disconnecting from the online world.

She also pointed out the downfall of social media. Hope said she has hopes and dreams, but when she sees other people posting about their dreams and goals, she starts questioning herself. “I can find myself in comparison mode to their timetable and that doesn’t do me any good,” she said.

However, she let fans know “I am here” and she said the season will return when she posts more and shares more good news.

What are your thoughts about Courtney Hope taking a break from social media to recalibrate? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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  1. Enjoy your much needed break and I hope you will return to our Beloved Y& R show. Your character is Very Much Loved!! ❤️🙂

  2. i am so going to miss Courtney Hope on that show. She is beautiful and is a good actress. I have watched her on the abold and Beautiful as well. I love her character with Adam. Adam is my favorite. He and Sally make the perfect couple. please come back soon!!!!

  3. Oh please come back to y&r. We love you Hope. You are the best thing in that show. You have a nice break and sure hope the management knows how good you are. I have watched y&r many many years but if you aren’t there I won’t be interested in it. They better offer you a good deal as you deserve it.

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