‘Young And The Restless’ Is Patty Williams Returning?

Stacy Haiduk - YouTube/Days Of Our Lives

Fans believe that the Young And The Restless character they love to hate, Patty Williams, could be making a return to Genoa City soon. It wouldn’t be shocking. As long-time soap opera viewers know, it isn’t often a character stays gone for good. So, does the villain Patty Williams make a return? Continue reading to find out.

Nick & Phyllis Remember Patty’s Torment

Those who watched the episode of The Young And The Restless on Monday, May 6 caught on to a hint that was dropped. It seemed to point to Patty’s possible return to the beloved soap.

The hint was dropped while Nick, played by Joshua Morrow, discussed the recent trauma his daughter suffered with Phyllis, who is played by Michelle Stafford. During their conversation, they were reminded of another incident that occurred in their past.

Joshua Morrow - YouTube/The Young And The Restless
YouTube/The Young And The Restless

Nick and Phyllis referred to the “madwoman’s kiss,” which was a callback to an incident that happened on the show in 2009. Paul Williams’ sister, Patty, ate peanut butter on purpose and then kissed Summer (Nick and Phyllis’ daughter), played by Allison Lanier, on the lips. Being allergic, she immediately started going into anaphylactic shock.

Patty then proceeded to spread lies, telling everyone that Phyllis was actually the one responsible for the incident. She did this in hopes of regaining Nick’s love and attention.

Will Patty Williams Return To The Young and The Restless?

Although this callback could have simply been a memory shared between the couple, The Young And The Restless has a history of bringing back some of its most iconic characters. This includes some characters who were presumed dead. Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby), for instance, came back from the dead to torture Sharon’s (Sharon Case) family.

However, unlike other characters the soap opera has brought back in the past, Patty Williams (Stacy Haiduk) is actually assumed to be alive. She went to live at the Fairview Psychiatric Hospital. Well, that is where fans of the show last saw her in 2016 anyway.

Stacy Haiduk - YouTube/Days Of Our Lives
YouTube/Days Of Our Lives

Stacy Haiduk currently plays the role of Kristen DiMera on Days Of Our Lives. If Patty Williams was going to make a return to Genoa City, Haiduk could still potentially reprise the role. Both soap operas are under Sony Pictures Television, but it would likely only be a guest stint rather than a full-on return.

If the character was meant to return permanently, it is possible another actress would take on the role of Patty Williams. Several other actresses have portrayed the soap villain over the years on The Young And The Restless. Tammy Taylor played her in 1980, Lilibet Stern (1980-1983), Andrea Evans from 1983-1984, and Tammy Barr, who plays Patty in the 2009 flashbacks.

How Patty will work her way back into The Young And The Restless isn’t yet known. Some people think she might team up with Jordan to torment some of her former acquaintances.

The Young and The Restless airs on weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for the time.

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