‘The Voice’ John Legend Was Only Supposed To Do One Season

John Legend

It seems John Legend was only supposed to be a coach on The Voice for one season. However, he ended up doing nine seasons of the show instead. John was a fan-favorite coach. However, he revealed earlier this month that he would not be returning next season. There will be two coaches returning to the red chairs and two new coaches coming for their first season. Keep reading to find out what production had to say.

Four Coaches For Next Season Revealed

The four coaches for the 26th season of the show have recently been revealed. Fans were shocked when they heard who was going to have a spot in the famous red chairs. Reba Mcintire will be returning again. Gwen Stefani will also be returning to her red chair after a long break. However, there are going to be two new coaches. Snoop Dog and Michael Bublé are going to have their own teams next season. Fans are curious to see how the two of them will do during their first season. Also, some are not happy that Reba and Gwen are the ones returning. Especially since Dan and Shay only got to have the double chair for one season.

The Voice
The Voice

Production Said John Legend Was Only Supposed To Coach One Season

The Voice production revealed that John Legend was only supposed to be on one season of the show. 

“John was signed for just a year deal and was chill about being on a ‘one and done’ schedule and producers, too, were happy to have him come and go, let’s not forget that another factor for John was being on the biggest show of the moment and being able to promote his businesses at the time, it was a ‘win-win’ because he was getting paid over $10 million as a coach and increasing his profile to aid businesses he wants to promote at home and abroad,”

John has various businesses including a skincare line and a wine brand. However, he ended up staying for nine seasons.

John Legend and Maluma on The Voice / YouTube

It seems that John Legend was supposed to be a “one-and-done” coach. However, he was loved by fans, and he enjoyed doing the show. Viewers are sad to hear that he will not be on the next season of the show. However, he did make it seem like there is a possibility he will come back in the future. Fans are also hoping to see Blake Shelton come back to the show for a season. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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