‘The Voice’ Announces New Coaches For Season 26

The Voice

The Voice recently shared who will be the coaches on Season 26 of the show. There will be a couple of familiar faces as well as a couple of new ones. Fans are shocked at who was chosen to coach next season. However, they are excited to see a familiar face back on the screen. The show has been around for a while and has been a fan favorite. Keep reading to see who the coaches will be.

The Voice Season 25

The Voice tried something new this season. They brought their first double chair to the show. Dan and Shay have been coaching their team throughout the season. Fans like the two on the show as it has brought something new. They are coaching alongside Reba McIntire, Chance the Rapper, and John Legend. However, it seems the show is switching up the coaches next season. There will be a couple of familiar faces and a couple of new ones. Fans are shocked at who will be in the red chairs on Season 26. Currently, on Season 25, the teams are now in the live shows and getting judged by America.

The Voice coaches, John Legend, Reba McEntire, Chance The Rapper, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney -YouTube
The Voice coaches, John Legend, Reba McEntire, Chance The Rapper, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney -YouTube

The New Coaches Next Season

It seems the production crew wanted to switch things up next year. Reba Mcintire will be returning to her famous red chair. However, the next three are shocking. Gwen Stefani will be returning as a coach. Then there are two new coaches coming to the show. Snoop Dog will have his own team of singers. As well as Michael Buble. One of the hairstylists for the show revealed why they changed the coaches.

“Things that contribute to the people coming back to the show… would be the coaches changing, I think that the contestants are always new and fresh – new faces. And then having Dan + Shay for the double chair, that’s a really cool new experience.”

However, some are not happy that Reba is returning.

It seems Gwen is making her return. Could this prompt Blake to come back soon? Fans are a little disappointed to see Reba returning as she is not liked as a coach by many. However, viewers are interested to see how Snoop Dog is going to be as a coach and what he will bring to the table. The next season is going to be interesting to watch and fans cannot wait. What do you think about the coach choices? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve watched the show from the beginning. Even tho Cielo had ‘problems’ I think he, Adam and Blake were wonderful. I don’t care for Gwen. I think she likes to see and hear herself, Snoop Dog is a stretch and Reba has seen better days. Niall was a gem. Chance is someone I knew only by name but what a great guy for the job. My opinion, my post…

    1. I agree! Gwen had said she wasn’t coming back, so I wonder what that is about. Reba is boring, and her “ cute as a button” and “I grew up on a ranch with a singing family”, equally annoying. I love Niall, and Chance as well. I am actually excited for Snoop. If you remember he was an advisor one year and I was impressed with his direction and knowledge. We’ll see I guess.

    2. Agree with your comments especially about Gwen. She is a narcissist and clueless most of the time!

    3. I will not watch if they bring Gwen back don’t like her need to bring back Shakira she way better

  2. Why can’t they find judges that are more qualified in my opinion. Reba is not making music anymore and Gwen dresses like a tramp. What happened to good common people who dress and act appropriately. Try harder to make this a better show because it’s turning into a wayfare commercial. Find 4 new faces and see if ratings improve.

    1. Reba is still making new music. Just because you haven’t heard it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I love Reba but she is not my favorite coach.

    2. Sorry I disagree, Gwen is beautiful inside and out, the way she dresses has nothing to do with it. Its her persona. I think they all have their own personalties, Its a show for everyone, not just for the younger generation.

    3. I agree with you! Gwen dresses ridiculously, but I do like Reba. There’s nothing wrong with old school and I think she is very sweet and always possitive. I will miss John Legend. I also agree that we could use more qualified judges. I don’t think some of them even sing or have much background in music. I have to say I’m dissapointed with the new lineup!

  3. I am so glad Reba is coming back, she is very talented & she knows her stuff. I’m not happy Gwen is coming back. she stinks it’s all about her. Snoop Dog is so so, I think Legend is far better. I wish Nial would come back he’s so good.

    1. I like Reba,and john,they r both funny in there on unique way. love to see a rocker coach ,and a coach to music current songs

  4. I love Reba, a very fine class of a lady. Can’t stand Gwen. She dresses worse than a tramp. I hope Kelly is not on their radar. I would always welcome Blake back.

  5. I agree Reba has to go! I didn’t like Voice sine Blake and Adam left. Just now exciting anymore.

    1. Definitely Blake and Adam are fantastic together, They’ve really put a lot of life into the show.,

  6. I love Reba. She does a great job. I love Qwen to. she also does a good job. I am curious to see how Snoop Dog does. It’s going to be interested.

    1. I think Reba’s “cute as a button “ was a cop out when she had nothing else to say. I don’t like Gwen at all I don’t think she has a clue of what she’s doing. She only went off of what Blake said.. Niiall was great, Chance is awesome and I loved Adam when He was there. He brought some humor to the whole show.

  7. I probably won’t watch next season. I can’t watch Glen. She is too fake. Snoop is a joke. Liked Chance and Niall and Kelly.

  8. I think Reba and John are great judges. Reba really seems to care about her singers and is very tasteful in her clothing!! John is so ready to help his singers and encourages them! Dan and Shay did well this season as did Chance! This season was more about the singers and less about the judges! I was going to stop watching because of all the stuff going on between the judges and not just helping the singers!!

  9. I love Reba! it will be interesting to see how she and Gwen work together. And Michael! Be still my heart. Let’s get on to the next season!!

  10. I love Niall. I didn’t think anyone could replace Blake but Niall definitely did!
    I am so disappointed that Niall isn’t coming back.

  11. Love Reba and glad she’s coming back. Didn’t think she would since she’s going to have a new sitcom in the Fall. Don’t think Snoop will be good judge. Bring back Nial

  12. Regardless if you like Reba’s music style or comments she’s a legend in the business and knows her stuff and she’s a class act. No way on Gwen, her outfits and comments both too disturbing. Bring back Niall!! love John too!

  13. I’m glad Reba is back…. So sad to see John Legend gone.
    I also really like Chance and Dan and Shay!
    I don’t have to be a fan of the your of music any of them perform, I like that they all seem like really good people!
    I also liked Niall, Kelly, Blake!

  14. I may not be watching the next season! I don’t like Gwynn. The first season Christina Aguilera was on there! I wish they bring her back or even Adam.

  15. I love all of the coaches except Gwen and John. It’s past time for them to go. Loved Dan and Shay this season. I’m excited to see what snoop dog brings. A panel of Niall, Snoop, Chance and Michael Bublee would be interesting to watch.

  16. I like it just the way it is. Why change. They are wonderful people for this show. They are so caring. I love seeing Reba on here she is awesome and does and awesome job.

  17. This show would be nothing without Reba! Thank goodness she’s there! I also like Blake-but don’t see him coming back.
    How about finding more new coaches who are really able to ‘hear’ the music!

  18. I love Reba she has been in music for so many years and is able to give good advice I think . I really like her. I think Kelly should come back . I think it’s funny that the voice kept on insisting she needed to loose wt to stay on the voice and now that she is off of it looks better than she ever has!!!

  19. I am not fond of Gwen, and I think this year was great and love Chance and the duo, Dan & Shay
    Loved Kelly, but Gwen no

  20. I am not fond of Gwen, and I think this year was great and love Chance and the duo, Dan & Shay
    Loved Kelly.

  21. Disappointed to see Gwen coming back. Wish it was Blake instead. Never liked her as a coach. Excited to see Michael Buble as a coach. Liked Reba.

  22. I love Reba as an entertainer, however, the queen act got to be too much. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you know how to coach.

  23. Why do they keep bringing back Gwen.Can’t stand watching her .Too phony.I like John Legends coaching I think he is great.Don’t think I will waste my time.Usually Gwen is too much to stomach. Snoop might be funny.

  24. I hate to see the current coach go! I think they are all good!!! I love chance the rapper. He is extremely talented. I like Blake more than Reba.

  25. Do not bring Gwen back. I am sure the only reason she is coming back is because she has not gotten any press since she left. The Voice lost a lot of people when she was on the show. Reba is great and really does know the business well. I am a little tired of John. The other two new ones will have to prove themselves. The show should be about the contestants and not the judges and that is Gwen’s biggest problem she thinks it is all about her. I guess I will have to quit watching live and only watch the next day and only the singers and not the other crap.

  26. Seems as though the contestants don’t have any problem with Reba neither do I, they lv her as do I. she is a very classy lady and to be perfectly honest there are times the show could definitely use a little. I believe the sense of humor on your show is great (most of the time) between your coaches. I’ve enjoyed your show for a long time, you must be doing something right in my opinion, (if you ask me, and you did) you need artistic expression which you have always used to put on a great show for all the viewers. thank you for asking us, the viewers but I have to believe that their knowledge of how best to put on a show like yours is probably the same as mine Zipp. Trust your judgment, and I will look forward to another season.

  27. Yuck to Gwen. She’s stuck on herself. The show had better judges since she left. They need younger talent in the red chairs.

  28. I want Blake back! He was the backbone of the show! He knows his stuff and brought laughter; John don’t leave!! Such class!; loved Niall-so good and the contestants loved him; why not a Carrie Underwood or another classy female artist that can sing anything and knows all genres-classy!!; love Reba and respect her but she’s like the mom figure and brings strong country but this season has done great across the board!! Love Chance the rapper! So great! Love this show!!!

  29. I like Reba as a singer and as a coach. She is encouraging and helpful to the contestants and l am glad she is returning.

  30. My ideal judges would be Adam, Niall, Miley, and John. My own opinion is I don’t care for Snoop or Gwen. Reba is so-so. My favorite part of the show is the blind auditions anyway. Love seeing the newbies get their shot on their voices only. By the end of the show it’s a popularity contest and not a singing contest. same with American Idol. IMHO. Love & Peace to all of you.

  31. I do not like Qwen, it’s all about her. I like Reba, but not as a coach. I hate that John won’t be back. My pick for judges would be, Nial, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake.

  32. I love Reba McEntire and I’m glad she’s still on The Voice as a coach she is wonderful as a coach and I don’t know anybody could talk crap about Reba Reba is the queen of country and will always will be and I love that Snoop Dogg’s coming we grew up around the same neighborhood so and he be a good coach Gwen Stefani I like her a lot Buble I don’t really know him too much but he should be okay too but I love that Reba’s coming back and if nobody likes it I don’t care you can hate me all you want but I love me some Reba she is good love you Reba keep on winning do what you can hopefully you win this one now that we’re doing

  33. my ideal set of judges would be: Alicia Keys, John Legend, Niall and Kelly Clarkson.

    p l ease don’t bring Gwen back…can’t take her serious the way she dresses. and flat personality. need people who have spunk!!!

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