Is Gregory Dead On ‘General Hospital’?

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Is Gregory Chase, played by Gregory Harrison, really dead on General Hospital? Fans watched as he finished performing his son, Chase’s wedding to Brook Lynn. Yet, will he live to watch the newlyweds start their lives together? Keep reading to find out what the verdict is.

Is Gregory Dead On General Hospital?

Gregory Harrison has been brilliantly portraying the role of Gregory Chase on General Hospital since late 2020. He became a contract member of the cast in 2022 and part of the gig included his character having ALS. Gregory has been struggling for some time but there were big things on the horizon that he did not want to miss out on. One of the most important moments was his son, Chase’s wedding day as he tied the knot to Brook Lynn Quartermaine. According to Monsters & Critics, that was on Gregory’s bucket list and did have an issue while performing the service.

Josh Swickard, Gregory Harrison-YouTube
Josh Swickard, Gregory Harrison-YouTube

However, the father of Chase and Finn made it through and was able to watch his son become a married man. He did have a very heartfelt chat with Finn (Michael Easton) before deciding it was time to go to sleep. While in his bed, all of Gregory’s moments from his time on GH went before him. Of course, with his deteriorating health, watching Chase get married, and the last conversation with Finn, does this mean Gregory will now pass in his sleep?

Gregory Harrison, Michael Easton-Facebook
Gregory Harrison, Michael Easton-Facebook

The big question is if Gregory will be asleep or if he will actually die. May Sweeps is coming to an end so the jaw-dropping storylines only have a few more days to wrap themselves up. Though this passing will impact many residents of Port Charles, fans of General Hospital pretty much know what will happen. Gregory Harrison is going to pass though the exact date is unclear but it will be by month’s end. His contract is over and this is hard for all of his co-stars. More so, it is hard for the viewers who have loved and appreciated his dedicated performance.

Fans React

Knowing what was to come after the May 20th and 21st episodes, General Hospital fans immediately headed to Twitter/X to share their thoughts on Gregory Harrison’s exit and his character’s passing:

This is amazing the love that the actor received for his portrayal and how much he will be missed. Are you sad that Gregory’s time has officially come to an end? Do you hope he will return in flashbacks? Let us know and watch General Hospital weekdays on ABC and streaming on Hulu.

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