Gwen Stefani Made Blake Shelton Lose Weight For Marriage

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

It has been revealed that Gwen Stefani made Blake Shelton lose weight to better their marriage. Blake Shelton has recently lost around twenty pounds since his wife put her foot down. This shocked fans as it seemed harsh. However, she more than likely did this to push Blake to better himself like he wanted to do for a while. Keep reading to find out more about what happened.

Gwen Stefani Returns To The Voice

The new coaches for the 26th season of The Voice have been revealed. Reba Mcintire will return. Snoop Dog and Michael Bublé will also have their first season as coaches. Gwen Stefani will also be making her return. Some fans were not happy about it as they did not like her as a coach. However, some were excited as this means there is a chance Blake will return in the future. If he does not return as a coach, maybe he will return as a mentor for his wife’s team. Fans want to see him back on the screen and this may be the opportunity for that to happen.

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani

Gwen Makes Blake Lose Weight

It has been revealed that Gwen Stefani made her husband lose weight.

“Blake feels like a new man, before, he was huffing and puffing going up stairs — but now he’s darting up and down with no trouble at all! She said no nookie until she saw improvement. It may have sounded harsh, but she had to make Blake realize she was serious! He’s tried to lose weight before with little to no success. But Gwen put her foot down. She wants him to stick around, and his unhealthy habits were grating on her nerves! Their love life has greatly improved, and Blake has more stamina and energy now than he’s had in years. He realizes he really let himself go. Now there’s sizzle in their marriage again.”

Fans were shocked to hear this and have mixed opinions on the topic.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton - Instagram
Instagram/Blake Shelton

It seems what Gwen did to push her husband to lose weight worked. Some fans think it was a harsh thing to do. However, there are fans who think it is a normal thing of tough love. Regardless, the two seem to be doing much better and their marriage is on an uphill road now. They have been releasing love songs and posting a lot more together on social media. What do you think about it all? Do you think it was harsh? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Being an adult myself, my thoughts are this. If
    they have made this marriage, it probably wasn’t because the fans wanted it, and their current situation will not be dictated by crazies who think their opinions make some kind of change in other’s lives. Leave others to their lives and worry about what your relationship
    ‘ needs . Good Luck Blake and Gwen!

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