Anna Johnston’s Mystery Boyfriend Wants To Be A Baby Daddy?

TLC's Anna Johnston on Annamjohnston Instagram

Anna Johnston teased her 7 Little Johnstons fans with glimpses of boyfriends over the years, but does she have one serious enough to be her baby daddy? Or, is she just playing around with one of her many friends? Read on to find out what TLC fans think.

Anna Johnston Claimed No Boyfriend

In January this year, Trent and Amber’s adopted daughter told her followers that she wasn’t dating. That came after a fan asked her about the dogs and a boyfriend. Although she denied dating, it’s hard to tell because the TLC star has been mysterious about the men in her life for a long time.

7 Little Johnstons Anna Johnston Instagram Stories
7 Little Johnstons Anna Johnston Instagram Stories

By April, 7 Little Johnstons fans were talking about a boyfriend named Christopher, AKA Topher. Anna Johnston apparently met him at the Little People Conference last year. Although teasers for the TLC show revealed that Trent Johnston knew about him, she seemed reluctant to commit to a long-distance relationship.

7 Little Johnstons’ Star’s Mystery Baby Daddy?

This week on Reddit, a fan of the reality TV star shared a screenshot of a conversation from TikTok. They talked about a person that some fans hadn’t heard of before. However, other 7 Little Johnstons fans seemed to know that the mystery man is involved with Anna.

TLC Star Anna Johnston - Instagram
TLC Star Anna Johnston – Instagram

In the caption about Anna Johnston, the OP wrote:

D2 Andersen wants to be Anna’s Baby Daddy.

It was username Jodi who asked the 7 Little Johnstons star, “Did you find a baby daddy?” Next up, user D2 Anderson replied, saying, “We’re working on it.”

Anna Johnston asked him, “Wait who are you?” And, his reply said, “Well, about to be baby daddy if something doesn’t come on next week.” In her next reply, which seemed to be joking, she told him, “At least you said I could be a stay at home momma.”

A mystery boyfriend named Darius - Via Reddit
A mystery boyfriend named Darius – Via Reddit

TLC Fans Talk About The ‘Baby Daddy’

One follower explained to those who wondered who he was, that he is “her boyfriend. He is also on Instagram as Darius Anderson (the__d2).”

Well, she does follow him so they could be friends, or even keen on each other. Possibly, he mocked Liz Johnston who is a baby mama now. Whatever the situation is, fans seem very interested. Here’s what some of them said:

  • Am I reading too much into this exchange? He said “about to be baby daddy if something doesn’t come on next week” I don’t know what “if something doesn’t come on” means buuuut… I don’t know, I have my speculations.
  • WAIT WHAT!! 💀💀💀 this sh-t is better than the show.
  • It looks like Amber, Trent, and Liz no longer follow Anna on Instagram as of recently….🧐 she doesn’t follow them anymore either.
  • I want to know what that’s all about sooo baaaaad! Something must have happened, but what!?
  • dang he loves Jesus and is cute! Why wouldn’t Amber or Trent accept him?!
  • Probably because of her new boyfriend lol.
Probably because of her new boyfriend lol
Darius on Instagram

What are your thoughts about Anna Johnston possibly dating a man named Darius? Do you think he joked about being a baby daddy? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 7 Little Johnstons news. 

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