‘Summer House’ Jesse Solomon Is Flirting With Amanda Batula

Jesse Solomon and Amanda Batula

Fans have realized that Jesse Solomon has been flirting with Amanda Batula. It also may be reciprocated. Both are fromĀ Summer HouseĀ on Bravo. Amanda Batula is married to Kyle Cooke, but that does not seem to stop Jesse Solomon. Amanda has not stopped him from flirting and almost eggs it on. Fans are in shock and do not know where her marriage stands with Kyle. Keep reading to find out more.

Amanda Batula And Kyle Cooke

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke have been married for a while. Most fans love them together. Amanda quit her job to help Kyle build his business. He is currently selling non-alcoholic beverages called, Loverboy. He is working on the drinks with his friend and costar, Carl Radke. Amanda now works with Kyle full-time, and they are focusing on the business. Fans have seen the two of them go through some struggles, but now they seem to be doing better.

Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula-Instagram
Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula-Instagram

Jesse Solomon Flirting With Amanda Batula

Fans have noticed Jesse and Amanda flirting with each other. Jesse will comment on things such as:

  • “MILF in training”
  • “I hope your future kid doesn’t get bullied for having the hottest mom”
  • “lol whoops you look so hot in the video tho!!!”
  • “All my comments would be inappropriate but just know I was here.”

They are also constantly physically close to one another. Fans are not happy as they feel if this is what Amanda wants, she should leave Kyle first.

“I’ve seen their flirty type banter on IG and thought it was weird but I’m also somewhat here for them. I really hope Amanda leaves Kyle soon he’s absolutely awful.”

Jesse also always calls Kyle and Amanda “mom and dad”. Maybe this is just their relationship, but fans think Kyle should be uncomfortable with this. Maybe he hasn’t noticed, that is also an option. How do you feel about all of their flirty banter? Do you think it’s inappropriate?

It seems the two have some flirty banter going on. It could be all fun and games, but fans are finding it inappropriate. People are also wondering how Kyle feels about the situation. However, Kyle and Amanda seem to be doing better now than they were during the time of filming. Kyle is still working on his brand, Loverboy, with the help of Carl Radke. What do you think about all of this? Sound off in the comments below.

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