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Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo surprised Bachelorette fans at the beginning of the year when he filed for a divorce and now, she claims that he breached an agreement to keep her financial affairs secret. Although he stayed very private after they married, it seems that many ABC fans accuse him of just using her for clout, and Team Rachel roots for her to come out on top.

Rachel Lindsay Seemed Blindsided By The Divorce

Literally days before the divorce news arrived, Bryan’s wife was talking about scaling back her workload and planning to start a family. Meanwhile, ABC fans felt surprised that he was the one initiating a separation. Word arrived that he’d allegedly been under some cloud with his chiropractor business, and that sealed the deal as far as Team Rachel was concerned.

Bachelorette SAtars Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo YouTube
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo – YouTube

Rachel Lindsay has a lot of supporters, but that’s not likely to sway the decision-makers in the divorce hearing. However as Bachelorette fans invested time in following their story, they naturally took a lot of interest in the messy divorce case. This week, the news arrived about how she feels Bryan Abasolo breached a confidentiality agreement.

Bryan Abasolo’s Estranged Wife Wants Him To Stop Talking

Radar Online reported that in a recent court filing, the Bachelorette lead from Season 13 requested that the judge shut down Byran Abasolo. The outlet said that she “pleaded with the court to seal portions of Bryan’s recent motion for support.” It came after the news arrived that he claimed his monthly income was only $1700. Plus, he claimed that she hangs onto money that they earned communally. So, he wanted her to open her purse and pay for his legal fees.

Bachelor Nation - Rachel Lindsay And Brian Abasolo Instagram -Strong feelings about Taylor Swift
Bachelor Nation – Rachel Lindsay And Brian Abasolo – Instagram

The news arrived on Reddit, and Rachel Lindsay’s fans expressed their thoughts about the split. One of the community members claimed to be a forensic accountant, and they noted that it sounded like a complex fight about assets and cash. Others just expressed their belief that Bryan Abasolo sounds untrustworthy.

In the caption, the OP cited the article about Rachel and Bryan  and said:

Much of this article summarizes Bryan’s most recent court filing that was already discussed in other posts. I highlighted in bold those parts that have new information.

Bachelorette Fans React

ABC fans quickly expressed their feelings about the divorce and her claim that Bryan Abasolo breached her privacy. Here are some comments from Bachelorette fans:

  • This makes me feel awful for her 💔 and also this man has no pride?! My exes were many things but they would have been too proud to ever do this!!!
  • Remember Rachel’s season when her gut instinct told her something wasn’t quite right with this dude? Never ignore your first impression ladies!
  • Isn’t she an attorney??? I recall but might be wrong. Shame on her for not having a prenup.
  • You’re a chiropractor. Go down to The Joint and get a job. No kids together and you were with her by choice. No one made you move. Take your air fryer and gtfo

What are your thoughts about Rachel Lindsay claiming that Bryan Abasolo breached a privacy agreement about her financial status? Do you think there’s something weird about his declared income of $1700 per month? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Bachelorette news.

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