Boston Rob Mariano Convinced He Would Have Won ‘DONDI’

Boston Rob Mariano

Boston Rob Mariano is convinced he would have won Deal Or No Deal Island if he did not have the penalty. Fans were rooting for Rob the entire game. He is most known for the multiple times he has competed on Survivor. Viewers were watching and did not want to watch any longer if he was not in the competition anymore. Rob was a target the entire time due to his past experiences.

Boston Rob Mariano Receives Penalty

Boston Rob revealed he was “half-listening” to the rules when Joe was telling them. Instead of listening, he was trying to figure out a good strategy to win. However, one of the rules he missed was that you cannot look at another player’s board. Once Amy got her map and was able to go into the maze, Rob looked at her board. The game was immediately stopped, and Joe announced Rob would receive a penalty. He had to wait three minutes after Jordan went into the maze. This unfortunately cost him his game.

Boston Rob
Boston Rob

He Is Convinced He Would Have Won

Even though Rob lost, he is convinced he would have won if he did not receive the penalty. 

“Easily, I would have won easily. Yeah, I’ve played hockey my entire life. I’m really good at balance, and I truly believe I would have been able to do that easily. So also tough to watch.”

He also revealed that he would have been safe if he had shown up quickly.

“I personally didn’t open it but Joe Manganiello and I have spoken since the show ended, and he told me he did open it and that I would have made it. Adds a little salt to the wound.”

It’s safe to say Rob was upset that he cheated and received a penalty. It makes it harder to accept you could not win because of your own mistake, not luck.

Boston Rob Mariano
Boston Rob Mariano

It seems Rob is certain he would have beaten Jordan in the last competition. He would never give up and he tried his hardest to make up the time he lost. However, it was not enough and his time on Survivor did not play out in his favor. He ended up losing because he was last. However, he would have been safe if he had gotten there quicker. Do you think Rob would have won if he didn’t receive the penalty? Sound off in the comments below.

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