‘Love Undercover’ Stars Talk About Dating Without Expectations

Love Undercover on Peacock / YouTube

Love Undercover is a new reality TV dating series with five professional soccer players who lie about their identities to find love in Los Angeles. While finding love by lying about who you are seems like a bad experiment, the cast said they have a good reason for doing it.

Here is what the soccer stars said about dating under false pretenses and why it showed how hard it is for celebs to find love.

What Is Love Undercover About?

On Love Undercover, five international soccer stars come to Los Angeles to find love. However, the twist is that they are using false identities and trying to see if they can find love with women who don’t know that they are successful professional athletes. It is a tough sell, but it seems to be an important aspect of dating for the soccer stars.

Love Undercover on Peacock / YouTube

“Footballers in the U.K. are like rock stars. We don’t have the NFL; we don’t have the NBA; we have football,” said Jamie O’Hara (via TODAY). He is one of the five men looking for love from people who don’t know they are famous so they can see if the love is “real.” The problem is that men are not being “real” when hooking up with the 18 women.

The soccer stars pretend to be normal guys with average jobs (like construction workers or personal trainers). This is the same setup as Joe Millionaire, but with five soccer stars pretending to be normal guys instead of one millionaire. The athletes have one month to court the 18 American women, who have no clue they are dating soccer stars.

The women believe they are on a dating show whose theme is for an American woman to find love with an international man. The soccer players have to portray average men, so they can’t use their fortune to date the women and can’t rely on their fame to win them over.

Love Undercover Stars Talk ‘Being Judged’ While Dating

There was one moment in the premiere episode when the women judged the men based on only one photograph and a quote. The women have to choose which of the five men they want to date with that sole information. O’Hara talks about the moment when the women judge him by only his looks and the one quote.

“It was an absolute killer, an absolute nightmare. I hated every minute of it,” the retired soccer star said. Now working as a commentator, he is the oldest of the group and one of two who is no longer playing professionally. O’Hara also comes to the show with a notorious past, as tabloids in the UK covered his cheating scandal and divorce.

O’Hara said it was weird not using his celebrity status to get dates. He said he had to “go back to (his) roots a little bit and try and have a personality.” He called the experience “uncomfortable.” O’Hara emphasized it was “not easy being judged. It’s hard being judged by women. It was horrible, horrible. Ruthless some of them, as well.”

It Was Easier For Others On Love Undercover 

However, Sebastián Fassi welcomed this change. He said he wanted to see what a woman thought of him without knowing his celebrity status. “Are they gonna like me? Are they not? Am I that interesting? Am I not?’ So for me, that was one of the things that caught my attention at first.”

Love Undercover on Peacock / YouTube

As for Lloyd Jones, he said he “relished” not being a celebrity. He said he hates doing that back home too. Jones said he wants to try to find love as himself, not as a soccer star.

Both Fassi and Jones had multiple options for women wanting to date them. However, they said it also made it hard to keep their stories straight, since they lied to all the women about their real lives. “I definitely found it really challenging,” Jones said. “It was just hard because you’re just talking about something you’ve never done before.”

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