Tom Sandoval Gets Called A ‘Parasite’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval recently got called out again on Saturday Night Live. He was already slammed once again on the show this season. However, this time it was calling him a “parasite”. Tom has been struggling ever since he ruined his life by cheating on Ariana. This is just going to add to the hate he is receiving. Fans have a hard time feeling bad for him when he did it to himself. Keep reading to find out more.

Tom Sandoval Ruins His Life

Tom Sandoval ruined his life last year. On March 1, it became public that he was having an affair. Tom Sandoval was dating Ariana Madix for almost ten years. The two were never married as this is not something Ariana wanted. Then, Ariana found out Tom was cheating on her with Rachel Leviss. This was not a one-time thing. It was going on for seven months. The two of them claimed they were in love, and it was not just for the sex. However, this ruined Tom’s life completely. He is one of the most hated men on reality TV.

Tom Sandoval - Vanderpump Rules - Bravo Twitter
Tom Sandoval – Vanderpump Rules – Bravo Twitter

He Is Slammed On SNL

Tom Sandoval got slammed again on SNL. When they were doing a bit, they were dressed up as worms. 

“But look, RFK’s body was a worm’s paradise, not a single drop of vaccine in sight! My whole parasite posse hung out in there. Shout-out to hook worm, bot fly, that fish that swims up your P-stream and my man, Tom Sandoval.”

They showed a picture of him shirtless. This is not the first time Tom has been slammed on the show and seems to be one of their main targets. The last time they were talking about vampires and referred to Tom Sandoval. They referred to him as cold, heartless, and much more. This has more than likely gotten back to Tom, and he is probably hurt by the situation. However, he did it to himself.

It seems the people on Saturday Night Live are not fans of Tom. There are not many people in the world who are at the moment. However, Tom has been receiving a tremendous amount of hate over the past year. Some of his costars feel like it has been too much. Like Lala Kent does not understand because he did not kill someone, he just made a mistake. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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