‘American Idol’ Emmy Russell Disses Viewers For Online Hate

Emmy Russell

Emmy Russell recently dissed viewers for the online hate she has been receiving. It seems some fans are not happy with her still competing. However, she is still there and fighting for the number one spot. Now she is taking her feelings to Instagram to let fans know. The singing competition is cutting down its numbers and Emmy is one of the contestants left. Keep reading to find out more.

Fans Think Judges Are Keeping Her For Wrong Reasons

Fans are not happy with the judges of American Idol. This is due to them thinking they are only keeping Emmy Russell around because she is the granddaughter of Lorette Lynn. Her grandma is big in the country music world. However, fans think this is giving her a leg up in the competition.

  • “Shut up and dance” was a dance song before her rework, but she slowed it down so that it didn’t fit the dance theme at all. Having “dance” in the title of the song doesn’t make it a dance song while you sit at the piano the whole time”
  • “If you want to know how unfair it is for Emmy to be in the competition, take a look at her famous grandmother Loretta Lynn’s instagram.. they post Emmy on American Idol & tell the grandma’s fans to vote for her.”
  • “This is gross. Emmy needs to go. She’s against the whole spirit of the show and the competition.”
  • “Emmy doesnt show any energy. Her Adele performance was extremely lackluster”
  • “American Idol disappoints me with Emmy Russell making the top 5.”

The hate has got relayed to Emmy.

Emmy Russell - Instagram
Instagram/Emmy Russell

Emmy Russell Calls Out Fans

On Instagram, Emmy posted a quote on her story. It read:

“Honesty without kindness is cruelty. Kindness without honesty is manipulation.”

There was no explanation on the post as to why she was posting it. However, fans can only assume it is about the hate she has been receiving. She can still see everything that people say about her. However, this may affect her in the competition and that is not fair.

Emmy Russel Instagram Story
Emmy Russel Instagram Story

It seems Emmy just wants the hate to stop. There was no explanation for the quote she posted, but fans can assume what it is about. Some still think Emmy is only in the competition because of Loretta Lynn being her grandmother. This happened after the “Shut Up and Dance” song she sang. There are a lot of mixed emotions on the topic. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

Hailee Dent


  1. Just because it was a Dance Song DOES NOT MEAN that she was obligated to Dance!!! The Show is about their Voices!!! Quit being Cruel JUST because her grandmother is Famous! That just tells you about her family! It gives you Hope that her voice will be Beautiful Also, which IT IS!!! She has EARNED her spot which is why she is still in the Competition. QUIT HATING ON HER WITH YOUR MEAN HEARTS AND OPINIONS!!! She does NOT still have a chance because of who she is related to! That is Silly and CRUEL.

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