‘American Idol’ Fans Disappointed Judges Have Kept One Singer

Luke Bryan and Katy Perry

American Idol fans are not happy the judges have kept a certain contestant. There has been a lot of great talent in the current season of the singing competition. However, fans are giving their opinions on certain artists and why they think they are still there. The competition is down to the nitty gritty and the best singers. At least that is what is supposed to be at this point in the competition. Fans think otherwise.

Judges Favoring Contestants

There has been speculation that the judges are keeping contestants around due to their relationships with famous people. However, Luke Bryan debunked that.

“I think if we start sending people through just because they have a connection with any form of music or if there’s somebody famous, if we start sending people through that don’t seem like they’re worthy of it, I think that America will call us out on that.”

Luke went on to say that the singers needed to have talent and not just share the blood of someone famous. However, fans are starting to think one contestant may be favorized.

Katy Perry & Ryan Seacrest on American Idol / YouTube

American Idol Fans Are Disappointed

Emmy Russell is not on the good side of fans. They are starting to think the only reason she is still there is because she is Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter. They did not like how she did not follow the theme of the week either.

  • “Shut up and dance” was a dance song before her rework, but she slowed it down so that it didn’t fit the dance theme at all. Having “dance” in the title of the song doesn’t make it a dance song while you sit at the piano the whole time”
  • “If you want to know how unfair it is for Emmy to be in the competition, take a look at her famous grandmother Loretta Lynn’s instagram.. they post Emmy on American Idol & tell the grandma’s fans to vote for her.”
  • “This is gross. Emmy needs to go. She’s against the whole spirit of the show and the competition.”
  • “Emmy doesnt show any energy. Her Adele performance was extremely lackluster”
  • “American Idol disappoints me with Emmy Russell making the top 5.”

Yikes. People are not happy.

American Idol Emmy Russell - Instagram

It seems it is safe to say Emmy Russell is not a fan favorite on the show. Fans think the only reason she is still there is due to who her grandmother is. They also do not like how she did not follow the theme rules for the week. Viewers will not stay quiet if they see something they do not like. Do you think the judges are holding onto Emmy due to her relationship with Loretta Lynn? What is your opinion? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Emmy Russell seems to be a very sweet person but she should have been gone long before now. She definitely isn’t top five material.

  2. Emmy does not have the vocals that the past 20 have had. I don’t understand why people still vote for her. Julia should never have gone home. Wake up America!

  3. I agree Emmy Russell has been kept in the running for being someone famous Granddaughter. she has some talent. Not enough for this far. She is to timid! Needs so much more work.
    people have left that are much better,
    that’s sad!

  4. It is NOT up to the judges who stays. The public votes who they want in. Obviously she has alot of fans. If you don’t like who is in the top spots, then vote. No need to be rude and cruel to a lovely and talented young lady.

  5. She is getting by on her grandmothers fame. She does not have a strong voice at all. She needs to go.

  6. Emmy has earned her place in the Top 5! She has True Talent, Style & Looks. We’re Voting for her because we like & believe in her. Also voting for Will for same reason.

  7. Emmy is a great singer no matter what anyone thinks. Right now, the judges do not vote on who stays and who goes. The fans do that. So the judges are not the ones keeping her in. This happens every season. Fans are always going to complain about something, unless it is the person they want to win.

    1. Emmy has a very unique and phenomenal vocals and I truly enjoy her music. I could hear a new song released by her on the radio and I would recognize without a doubt who the artist was. In my opinion she is prefection!

  8. what we have to remember it is up to the votes and no one else. we all have ones we like. I do not like everyone in the top 5. however others do. I do like Emmy and I believe she sings better than some people think. I do like some of the ones let go. but being mean only hurts these kids.

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