‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Calls Husband, Mark Consuelos Out On Show

Kelly Ripa - Live with Kelly and Mark - ABC YouTube

Live with Kelly and Mark fans often see Kelly Ripa call out her husband Mark Consuelos and recently, she complained about one of his most annoying habits. Initially, she thought that hosting with him was a terrible idea. But, morning talk show fans certainly get to know that celebrities have faults like everyone else.

Live Kelly Ripa Calls Out Mark Consuelos On Her Public Platform

The Live with Kelly and Mark host once told her viewers that Mark snores a lot, so he used nasal strips to try and sort it out. However, it didn’t make for a very sexy time when they went to sleep. At the same time, she was slathered in slimy moisturizer creams, making the nightly bedtime routine experience anything but hot. Nevertheless, these conversations usually elicit a lot of laughs from the ABC audience, perhaps because many older folks can relate to them.

Live Kelly Ripa Spills Mark's Secrets - Live with Kelly and Mark - ABC YouTube
Live Kelly Ripa Spills Mark’s Secrets – Live with Kelly and Mark – ABC YouTube

On another occasion, Live Kelly Ripa outed Mark Consuelos for breaking up with her. Although it happened a long time ago, the morning talk show host never forgot it. So, she related to the audience how they fought, but he wouldn’t go away when they split. Later, he followed her like some sort of love-sick pest. However, it had a happy ending because they eloped three days later. There seem to be no limits on the stories that she related on the ABC show.

Live With Kelly And Mark Co-Host Mark Consuelos Has An Annoying Habit

During a recent episode of the ABC talk show, Monsters and Critics reported that Mark Consuelos was called out for being annoying. His wife claimed that he used his AirPods a lot when messing about with his devices. It’s not because he’s not giving her enough attention, though. She also mentioned that other people do the same thing. So, what is so annoying about that? Read on to find out.

The outlet cited Kelly Ripa as saying:

You have a nasty habit of not modulating your voice while you are on a call, so you are shouting at the top of your lungs. It’s annoying to me you don’t realize how loud you are…It’s like you are shouting…

ABC fans noticed that Mark seemed unaware that when he used his AirPods he shouted out his conversation at the top of his voice.

What are your thoughts about Kelly Ripa telling the whole world that Mark Consuelos uses his AirPods a lot and he doesn’t realize that he’s yelling when talks? Have you ever heard someone doing that? If so, did you feel embarrassed for them? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Live with Kelly and Mark news. 

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