‘Summer House’ Carl Radke Reveals If He Regrets Breakup

Carl Radke

Carl Radke from Summer House recently revealed if he regrets calling off his wedding with Lindsay Hubbard. The two were engaged and supposed to get married in November of last year. The wedding was supposed to take place in Mexico. However, Carl was the one to call things off and he has revealed that that is something he regrets. He has also been able to see more by watching the current season of the show.

Lindsay Hubbard Has A New Boyfriend

It seems Lindsay Hubbard has not missed a beat since Carl Radke ended their relationship. She had a couple of celebrity love interests. Lindsay was rumored to be a thing with Johnny Bananas. Then was rumored to be a thing with Dustin Lynch. However, it seems she is now in a legit relationship. However, it seems no one knows anything about this man. Her friends have not met him but have seen pictures. Carl also seems happy for her.

“I honestly wish her all the best. I hope he treats her well, and I hope she’s happy. That’s all I can ask for,”

Carl Radke YOutube
Carl Radke YOutube

Does Carl Radke Regret His Decision?

Carl Radke called off his wedding with Lindsay Hubbard. While watching this season of the show, viewers realized the two were not meant to be. When the season started, fans saw Carl call things off. However, it then went to the normal season where viewers got to watch their relationship fall through the cracks. On Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen asked Carl Radke to name five things he learned about himself when watching Summer House.

“Number one, I made the right decision,”

Andy Cohen replied:

“All right. Well, I mean, I’m glad you’re not together.”

Carl then talked about how it was for the best. Fans and costars agree that the two were not meant for each other and they are both doing better now that they have separated.

Carl Radke-YouTube
Carl Radke-YouTube

It seems Carl does not have any regrets when it comes to his relationship with Lindsay. Fans saw how toxic the relationship had become and agreed it was the right decision. Andy Cohen even agreed that he did not think the two were a good match. Lindsay seems to have a new boyfriend and fans are dying to know more details. However, there is not too much to know yet. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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