‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Whitney Way Thore Dishes On Season 12

Whitney Way Thore - My Big Fat Fabulous Life - TLC YouTube

Some My Big Fat Fabulous Life critics hoped that the TLC show was canceled but Whitney Way Thore just dished some tea on Season 12, so cancellation was just wishful thinking. Of course, not everyone wants the show to end. Lots of fans would like to see more about whether Glenn Thore moved to Alabama to help his new-found daughter, Angie Burdett track a family member.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 12 Hints

Whitney Way Thore already hinted that a new season would be greenlit by TLC. In November last year, when a fan asked about Glenn going to Alabama, Whit said that viewers would have to wait for the next season to air to find out. So, everyone assumed that filming had begun. But, some rumors persisted that even if it was filmed, it would be shelved.

Whitney Way Thore - MBFFL/YouTube, TLC
Whitney Way Thore – My Big Fat Fabulous Life  – TLC

More hints from Whitney about Season 12 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life arrived the month before that. In her communication with another fan, she told them, “We start shooting season 12 next week.” Despite that double dose of news about the TLC show, rumors persisted on social media. However, it seems that they can finally be laid to rest. Once again, the tea was dished in response to a question by an MBFFL fan.

Whitney Way Thore Dishes On A Premiere Date For MBFFL

On Reddit, a fan shared a screenshot from Whitney’s social media about Season 12 of MBFFL.  The OP wrote:

Whitney Confirms Season 12…I honestly thought that they had film Season 12 but that it wouldn’t air. What are y’all thoughts on this?

The screenshot revealed that when a My Big Fat Fabulous Life fan said, “I heard you won’t be on TV anymore.. is this true?” the TLC star replied.

Whitney Way Thore said, “Our new season is airing soon. We get renewed season by season, so we don’t know until the current season airs.”

Whitney Way Thore Says My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 12 Airs Soon - Via Reddit
Whitney Way Thore Says My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 12 Airs Soon – Via Reddit

MBFFL fans took to the comments section in the discussion, and many critics expressed their disappointment in TLC. Here are some of their opinions:

  • We are in for at least one more season of the aLaBaMeR family. And with Ashley and Heather leaving I assume she will make drama of that. Plus some relationship she is in.
  • If people would quit commenting on social media this would give her fewer numbers to justify a new season.
  • Maaaaaaan. I couldn’t drum up the willpower to watch season 11 because how frustrating I found season 10. I’m shocked there’s any interest for a new season.
  • I don’t think I can do another season of that. I got enough of the Alabamer fam last season.

What are your thoughts about Whitney Way Thore confirming that the TLC show will air Season 12 soon? Have you heard rumors that it was canceled? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your My Big Fat Fabulous Life news.

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